Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home decorating accessories ideas for living room


Living room is one of the most significant areas of any house. It is the usually the first noticed area of the house and a place where you meet your friends, relatives and neighbours. How you style your living speaks a lot about your personality. It reflects your taste, your comfort levels and how much warmth you have for people visiting your house. Interior designers emphasize a lot on decorating living room. Ideally the home d├ęcor furnishing you use for living room should exude life, warmth, friendliness and also harmony.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags – Attractive yet user friendly


Paper bags are fast replacing the ubiquitous plastic bags. Though paper bags are cheap and very convenient to use, they are a grave threat to the environment for this reason government of India and several other countries are imposing a strict ban on the use of plastic bags. In such a scenario, there is an increased demand for eco-friendly paper bags.
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Slate Flooring: The Best Material for Flooring


Slate floors have adorned the exterior of homes as in patio or garden from a very long time and have today entered the interior of modern homes as well. Slate flooring has always remained as the best choice for a flooring material. Why? Read the rest of the article to know more about the beauty, features and uses of this natural stone: slate stone.

For home decoration, the floors of the house play a vital role in enhancing the look of the house. Right from the flooring of the patio, the driveway to your balcony and the other rooms, the floor material is of great importance as it needs to be durable, should be easily maintained plus it should enhance the look of the room. There are various types of stones used for flooring but slate stone with its beauty and durability features has become a versatile flooring material, increasing its popularity in commercial and residential interior and exterior.

Qualities of Slate Flooring
  • Slate flooring is very durable as slate stone is a durable stone.
  • Slate stones are available in various colors and hence you can have your floor as per your favorite color plus that the color that matches your home decor.
  • Slate stone comes in many textures and accordingly you can have polished slate stone flooring, laminated slate floor, welsh slate floors, natural cleft, honed floor.
  • Another important quality of slate flooring is that it is stain resistant. So it can be easily wiped and cleaned if there is any spilling of stuff like oil, grease, paint etc.
  • Slate stones are available in various shapes and sizes. So for flooring, you can opt not only the regular shaped square or rectangle slate tiles or slate slabs but also slate tiles of other shapes and create a unique flooring pattern.
  • Installing slate flooring is easy, compared to other materials.
  • You can also have slate stone in several thicknesses.
  • Similarly, state stone flooring is also easily maintained.
  • Slate flooring is also scratch proof.
  • Slate stone also has a fantastic slip resistance property. Hence slate floors are suitable for both interior and exterior flooring.
  • Besides flooring, slate slabs can also be used in fireplace surrounds, hearths, stair treads or as kitchen slate backsplash.
  • Compared to other flooring materials, slate flooring is not very expensive and it is worth the investment as it lasts for a long time.

Considering all the qualities mentioned above, don't you think slate stone is indeed the best material for flooring ?

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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Chose Wooden Garden Furniture?


Although most of the times, furniture has to be chosen based on certain fixed criteria - comfort, durability and style. However, when it comes to choosing wooden garden furniture, you have to see to many other criteria too because, this outdoor furniture has to face the harsh weather conditions. So, how to choose wood garden furniture for the best results? These are some tips for you:

  • Always see that mortice and tenon joints are used in the wood garden furniture and not the bolts that tend to corrode.
  • Ensure that the metal fittings used are made of brass, stainless steel or aluminum - the corrosion resistant metals.
  • Chose such wooden garden furniture that matches the appearance and design of the  garden. The light-colored things like white picket fence go well with white cedar garden benches while darker designs like stained benches would need a heavily wooded garden setting.
  • Consider the number of people for whom this wooden garden furniture is needs. Wooden benches seat can accommodate three people. Wooden garden chairs like Adirondack chairs can be thought of for small groups.
  • If you do not buy folding furniture bust such garden furniture that have to be out in all weather conditions, you must choose the best wood. Read What is the Best Wood for Garden Furniture? to know what type of garden furniture is best for you!