Monday, June 29, 2009

Wrought Iron Chandeliers- Buying and Caring Tips


Chandeliers add charm and style to our homes. From among many varieties of chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers are considered to be classic. Whatever style of home decor you chose, they look good with all. As these chandeliers are made of tough wrought iron, they are durable too. Thus, wrought iron chandeliers are stylish, durable, classic and compliment any style of home decor. So why wait? Go and buy some beautiful wrought iron chandeliers. Just keep the following facts in mind while buying one.

  • Measure the height of the room where chandelier will be hung. At least 6 feet 5 inches headroom should be left from the floor.
  • A room smaller than 10' by 10', can have a chandelier with 17" to 20" diameter. A room of 12' x 12' will need one with 26" or 27" diameter whereas the same should be 24" to 36" for a room of 14' x 14'.
  • If buying for dining room, the chandelier should be approximately 12 inches shorter than the width of dining table. Also, the chandelier should be 30" from the surface of the table. This will ensure sufficient light and to avoid bumped heads.
  • Wrought iron is very heavy. As such, the ceiling electrical box should be such that can support its heavy weight.
  • Although wrought iron chandeliers are classic then also some style are more suitable to particular decor styles. A simple chandelier having square or rectangular base with candle style lamp shades goes well with a contemporary or transitional look whereas a grand multi-tiered chandelier suits best to traditional style of home decor.

After you've bought your wrought iron chandelier, now comes the question of its maintenance, you sure want it to look as good as it was on the first day it entered your home. It is, in fact, very easy to maintain a wrought iron chandelier, just follow the tips given below

  • Dust the chandelier with a clean, soft cloth in every seven or ten days.
  • For a more complete cleaning, soak the cloth in a mild detergent and water solution. You can even use 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart of water or a cleaner solution. After wiping, rinse and dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  • A thin coat of liquid wax can also be applied on the chandelier with the help of a clean cloth. This gives added protection to your chandelier.
  • Never hang a wrought iron chandelier in a damp area, it leads the iron to rust over time.

These simple tricks can keep your wrought iron chandelier shining.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elegant and Attractive Jute Handicrafts


The very basic introduction to jute is that it is a long, soft, and shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into rough, but strong threads. This fiber found its use in a multitude of applications. What's more, it is the cheapest natural fiber. However there are many uses of jute, but this fabulous fiber has got much fame as a handicraft fiber or a fiber which is mostly used for the fabrication of handicrafts. The handicraft items made of this fantastic fabric are bewitching and captivating by their very appearance. So, let's get familiar with the contemporary jute handicrafts.

Features of Jute Handicrafts
The artifacts manufactured from jute are enticing by their very nature. Their quality and look speak for itself. These items are not mere decoration items, but they also possess great utility. The primary features of these handmade items include the following:

  • They are a perfect amalgamation of simplicity and elegance

  • Environment-friendly and biodegradable products

  • Economical in comparison to their quality

  • They are enchanting and beautiful

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Readily available

Popular Types
Although each handcrafted item of jute is unique in itself, still few items are more famous than others. There is a multitude of such handicrafts available at present, the most popular out of them are as mentioned below:

1) Wall Hangings: This is an elegant decoration item. It is further beautified by the use of motifs and beads. These wall hangings are capable enough to lend a lively and rejuvenating look to any dull room.

2) Coasters: Jute coasters are known for their beauty and intricate designs. They not only look good, but have multiple uses like covering glass, bottles, etc. They serve as an ideal decor item on the dining table.

3) Table Mats: Table mats are also used on the dining table for the purpose of decoration and for placing plates and other utensils on them. The jute table mats are fabricated in a multitude of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes.

4) Lamp Shades: The lamp shades made from jute are highly demanded nowadays. The reason for their huge demand is their quality, durability, design, and utility. Moreover, these lamp shades are available at affordable prices.

5) Stationery Items: Jute stationery products are in great demand the world over. These items can be easily seen in schools, offices, homes, etc. These products are both elegant and sturdy. The common types of such products include folders, pen stands, and book racks.

6) Napkin Rings: The napkin rings manufactured from jute are perfect artistic artifacts. These napkin rings come in a wide array of designs and can be custom designed to match other tableware. The napkin rings made from jute may be plain, twisted, oval, or round in shape.

The significance of jute artifacts or handicrafts is apparent from the above discussion. No doubt, these products are getting more and more famous with the passage of time. Besides the products mentioned above, there are numerous other types of handicraft items that are fabricated from this marvelous natural fiber. For detailed information on a large number of jute handicrafts and various other products made from it, you can browse through Jute Industry Marketplace.

Friday, June 12, 2009

B2b Marketplace for Handicrafts


This is one of the first B2B blog dedicated specifically to the various aspects of wooden handicrafts and wooden furniture. This is an online resource guide that contains information about the new product launch and various other events related to the industry of wooden handicrafts and leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Browse through these informative verticals to know more about these wood artifacts that reflect the true spirit of craftsmanship even while maintaining the traditional beauty and style. To know more about the handicraft items, wooden handicrafts and wrought iron crafts, read through. Wrought Iron Crafts ? This is the perfect online platform for all those who are looking for information related to the wrought iron crafts, that depict high imagination and immaculate craftsmanship. Various tips that can help you in perking up the interior design of your homes are also available on this website. The main product line discussed includes hand forged wrought iron products that are the perfect amalgamation of traditional designs and contemporary styles and elegant looks. Wrought iron hardware, wrought iron furniture and garden d飯r handicrafts have also been discussed. Go through this B2b directory to gain extensive information on the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wrought iron products. Wood Furniture Manufacturers ? Be it the need of redecorating your home furniture or just adding that extra glitz to your interiors with the timeless and classic wooden furniture, this is the place to get all the requisite information. Highlighting exclusive talent of Indian artisans, bulk trading zone along with the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of finest quality wood furniture, this vertical showcases a variety of product catalogs for even the most finicky buyer. Various trade associations, manufacturing regions, trade leads and assortments of wood work has been detailed perfectly yet elaborately, even for the most avid furniture lover. Wooden Handicrafts ? Wood Handicrafts enjoy a special privilege in almost every house and it is their wide fame that has made them important enough to be discussed under a separate head. To gain comprehensive information about the various tips, latest product launches and much lore about the world wooden handicrafts, browse through this website. Focusing on an incredible array of artifacts chiseled out of wood, one can also get details about the various associations, industrial overview and publications that deal with these handicraft made from wide variety of wood. This B2B marketplace for Wooden Handicrafts also provides details on the wood furniture like kitchen accessories, garden decorative, wooden gifts for corporate purposes and antique wooden gifts and toys.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Informative B2B Brush Marketplace


Brush is an important craft item nowadays. Brushes are manufactured in numerous designs, lengths, shapes, and varieties. Brushes are meant for various purposes like painting, dusting, makeup, brooming, etc. But, their most important and prominent usage can be seen in the form of painting. In fact, there is no other brush having so many varieties and shapes as the art or paint brushes possess. They are commonly found in the shapes like round, flat, fan, angle, mop, rigger, to name a few. Here, we are offering you access to a fabulous and ultimate resource, which will provide you with comprehensive information on the types of brushes in fashion, these days. It will also provide access to various reliable manufacturers and suppliers of brushes. It is none other than the Brushes Manufacturers.

Brushes Manufacturers is not a conventional B2B marketplace, but it is much ahead than it. It is a complete B2B platform for brush lovers. Given under is a glimpse of what all this portal has to offer:

1) Brushes By Hair Type: In the traditional brushes, animal hair were used, but the contemporary brushes witness the use of synthetic hair and bristles. These hair too, depend upon the type of application area. This topic deals with the peculiarities and technicalities associated with the selection of hair for brushes and the various varieties of brushes depending upon the hair type.

2) Brushes by Medium: This topic is basically related to the art or painting brushes. The artists use different mediums for painting. So, different types of brushes depending upon the medium are explained in detail in this portion. The primary brushes that are discussed in it include acrylic brushes, oil brushes, painting brushes, watercolor brushes, and so.

3) Brushes by Shape: As the name suggests, this category imparts knowledge regarding brushes based on diversified shapes. It includes the brushes having a multitude of shapes like round, hake, flat, mop, fan, swirl, stripping, custom, etc.

4) Brush Accessories: This category of B2B brushes marketplace consists of detailed information on the three primary types of brush parts or accessories. These three accessories include the brush handle, brush ferrule, and brush head.

The information provided above, as we have earlier also said, is a mere glimpse or you can say a summary of the aforementioned site. There is a lot more information on above topics and a lot more topics as well like artists brushes, cosmetic brushes, school brushes, hobby and craft brushes, and many more. So, don't wait, and just get the privilege of entering the majestic world of brushes at Brushes Manufacturers.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wooden Garden Furniture : An Insight


Garden is one of the most conspicuous areas of a household today, as it is not quite visible these days. In this world, where space to be shrinking every second, getting a home with the leisure of a garden is like a dream come true! Since garden is known to speak a lot about its residents, its becomes an important area in the decorum agenda. A well-done up garden also plays an important role in rejuvenating the depleted mind and body. Apart from different wood furniture one can also use a host of other decorative to enhance the looks of the garden.

For all your queries and worries related to the garden furniture, here is the answer. This is the platform where you can find umpteen number of delightful ides for making your garden the perfect one. Browse through the list of various wooden garden decorative like garden flower pot, fountain, mini waterfall, a small pond, a miniature landscape etc. to add that tinge of surrealism in your gardens.

Besides, various varieties of sculptures made from wood have also been highlighted. Unique ides like wooden logs to make a very natural sitting, small wooden bridge or a mushroom shaped garden umbrella in wood and hand wooden hangings or baskets with equally complementing lighting effects have also been discussed with details.

Made from a combination of soft and hard wood including Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Maple, Pine, Cedar, Redwood etc., these wooden garden decorative have been embellished with finest finishes to make them look contemporary and exceptionally sophisticated. Along with this, various gardening tips and wooden garden furniture have also been included.

This is a unique platform that provides comprehensive information of various wood garden accessories and decorative along with details of their manufacturing regions, suppliers and exporters. Following are some of the most popular garden decorative whose export import policies have also been discussed at length. Click below to get more information on them.