Friday, April 30, 2010

Immortalize Your Memories with Glass Photo Frames


Glass photo frames are one of the most attractive and creative pieces of art ever created by frame makers. They are not so easy to customize, as it really takes the skill and good workmanship of a talented person to make one of these innovative glass frames. Moreover, anything that is made of glass will always go through a delicate heating and molding process.

They always complement places like any tabletop or pieces of furniture or even if they are placed at the corners of the room, will surely increase the beauty of your room. These unique glass photo glass frames are generally made out of the high quality materials to ensure lasting endurance. Lots of beautiful designs and styles can be chosen to suit your specific needs. Also they are found in variety of colors and styles which are perfect to go with the interiors of your home.

They fit perfectly on any sort of furnishings and can be mountable on walls as well. These glass photo frames can always find an appropriate match anywhere you place them. Multi colored glass photo frames will add life to the entire arena of your home.

The most important aspect to be considered in these glass photo frames is its lasting durability to withstand atmospheric temperatures. Moreover, if not properly and immediately attended to the temperatures, this frame may destroy the image being kept in it due to moist accumulated in it. These unique glass photo glass frames are made out of high quality materials to ensure lasting endurance.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rubber Stamps- Templates for Glass Painting


Yes you have read it right, you can use rubber stamps for glass painting as well, instead of stamping directly onto glass. Use your favorite rubber stamps as templates for tracing images onto glass for glass painting. Moreover, this is a great way to get yet another use from your rubber stamps! By taking a stamped image and using it as a template for glass painting, a whole new range of creativity opens up. This is a good way to decorate light catchers, jars, candle holders and any other sort of glass objects.

This technique can be wisely used to follow themes for parties and weddings. The stamped images that have been used on cards and table decorations can easily be copied onto candle holders.

Here is How:

First you need to choose and decide the stamp. The best stamps to use are ones with strong and bold outlines which will be traced with glass relief paints. For attractive 'stained glass' effects pick stamps with lots of space for coloring with glass paints. Very complex images will not only be fiddly to work with, but also may not give a clear image on the glass.

Stamp the image onto a piece of clean white paper. The type of paper and ink is unimportant and this can be a good way to use up scraps of paper or recycle paper by stamping onto the back of a piece of printed paper. Cut the paper to the right size if necessary.

Using repositionable or masking tape, temporarily fasten the stamped image to the inside or back of the glass item, so that the image can be seen from the outside.

Ensure that the surface of the glass is clean and free from fingerprints. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol if necessary. Take the relief glass paint and trace the outline of the stamp. Leave to one side to dry according to the manufacturers instructions.

Paint the image with glass paints as required and leave to dry.

When the glass paint is dry it is possible to add other embellishments to the image such as stick-on glass beads.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avoid Mistakes While Installing Marble Countertops


Mistakes done while installing marble counter tops can ruin the whole look and sometimes even your costly marble slab or marble tile. To avoid these mistakes it is better to know them. Also learn the technicality involved in the process of installing marble counter tops to avoid mistakes.

Marble is a porous but heavy stone so it needs care while handling and installing. Special tools and well experienced hands are required to cut, install and repair marble. Even if you are a beginner never compromise on quality as this will pay you in long term.

Things to Remember While Installing Marble Counter tops
  1. Surface not prepare properly before installation. To prepare the surface level it properly as it is very difficult to level the surface once the marble counter top is installed.
  2. Marble tiles are installed on concrete and hard surface. Always clean the surface before installation as any dust or dirt will lead to loose marble counter tops.
  3. Never out large marble tiles on one side of the counter top and smaller once on other as this does not look balanced.
  4. Beginners should not glue the tiles to the surface.
  5. Pay proper attention while cutting the marble for counter top as most of the breaking takes place during this. Marble is an expensive stone so much breaking is not affordable.
  6. Also cutting wrong sized marble for counter tops is another problem that is seen regularly. So to avoid this mistake take proper measurement before cutting and even buying.
  7. Leave the grout as it is for at least one day after installation of marble countertop for strength.
  8. Purchase thicker marble tiles or slabs for counter tops as there are less chances of their breaking during transportation and installation. Generally thickness of three-fourths of an inch to one and a half inches is preferred for the countertops, but you can always go with more thickness for better results.
  9. Before installing marble counter top remove all the existing tiles and fixtures
  10. Check if the wiring and plumbing in your kitchen has been properly done or not. Septic system must be installed properly to avoid any problem that can arise during marble counter top installation.

Fabulous Slate Flooring Pictures!


Brazilian Slate Flooring

Natural Slate Flooring

Slate Bathroom Flooring

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Create Special Effect on Floor with Decorative Marble Tiles


Decorative marble tiles are not new to us. If we look way back to history then you would be amazed to find that various designs and patterns of these decorative marble tiles that are beyond imagination. Kings and royal people has ameliorated their palaces with these decorative marble tiles.

Special Effect on Floor with Decorative Marble Tiles

You can create different shapes of medallion in the center or entrance of the doorways with decorative marble tiles. The most common shape of medallion is circular but square and octagon are also in vogue. These look exceptionally good when you use rest of the floor in single color.

Border Tiles
Give your marble medallion and marble rugs a special touch with the border tiles. These actually gives the finishing touches to the whole effort. Different color combination are made out of marble stone to create the beautiful border on marble floor or anything else. More intricate the design is more will be the cost.

Marble Rugs
Marble rug is the flooring that looks extraordinary good and royal. It is the luxury to have on floor. You can use numerous colors and patterns of the decorative marble tiles to get the marble rugs.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Cotton?


Because cotton is soft and smooth
Because cotton is natural and skin friendly
Because cotton is comfortable
Because cotton is strong and durable
Because cotton is healthier than any other fabric
And guess what
Cotton is fashionable too. It can be used to make so many fun things. Don't believe it? See these amazing cotton fabric products for yourself to believe!

Unique Handrail Designs


Handrails can simply change the personality of any home. And when it is wrought iron handrails, there is no dearth of unique and attractive handrail designs, thanks to the ductile nature of this black magical metal called wrought iron. See for yourself how beautiful these wrought iron handrails can be!

Handrail with Animal Design

Contemporary Handrail

Designer Handrail

Handrail for Stairs

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How to Care for Marble Furniture?


Marble furniture looks really dandy and contemporary. If you have the white marble dining table or white marble chair then you will be mesmerized by its shine, whiteness and natural beauty. But as every beautiful thing needs care so does the marble furniture.

  • Clean the spills as soon as the furniture gets these with neat and clean cloth.
  • Marble is a natural stone that is porous in nature. So if you have the marble furniture at home make sure to cover it with sealant to avoid any kind of stain or scratch mark as these marks are permanent and very difficult to work upon.
  • Whenever you are using drink on marble furniture then use coaster to avoid stains.
  • Use table mats on marble dining table set and also use these under warm dish bowls as direct placement on the table may damage your precious marble dining table.
  • To clean marble furniture never use the acidic cleaner. Always wash the marble furniture with water and with very mild liquid detergent.
  • Never use abrasive material to scrub marble furniture instead of this use soft & clean cloth.
  • Do not use wax on the marble furniture as it can cause its yellowing.
  • For tough stains you can use neutral and non abrasive cleaner like hydrogen peroxide, acetone and ammonia. But you must consult the specialist before using any kind of stain remover.
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Exquisite Jeweled Photo Frames


Jeweled photo frames, as the name refers are the photo frames done craftily with colored stones and jewels. These frames are available in a wide variety and believe it or not,but each piece among it is breathtakingly beautiful. Flawless craftsmanship and innovative designs make them an ideal gift item for anniversaries, birthdays and marriages. The classic vintage feel of jeweled photo frames add a beautiful aura to the whole picture and simultaneously make a delightful addition to any home decor. Beautifully handcrafted jeweled frames with hard backing and easel back stand are ideal for table top display.