Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Create Special Effect on Floor with Decorative Marble Tiles


Decorative marble tiles are not new to us. If we look way back to history then you would be amazed to find that various designs and patterns of these decorative marble tiles that are beyond imagination. Kings and royal people has ameliorated their palaces with these decorative marble tiles.

Special Effect on Floor with Decorative Marble Tiles

You can create different shapes of medallion in the center or entrance of the doorways with decorative marble tiles. The most common shape of medallion is circular but square and octagon are also in vogue. These look exceptionally good when you use rest of the floor in single color.

Border Tiles
Give your marble medallion and marble rugs a special touch with the border tiles. These actually gives the finishing touches to the whole effort. Different color combination are made out of marble stone to create the beautiful border on marble floor or anything else. More intricate the design is more will be the cost.

Marble Rugs
Marble rug is the flooring that looks extraordinary good and royal. It is the luxury to have on floor. You can use numerous colors and patterns of the decorative marble tiles to get the marble rugs.

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