Monday, July 11, 2011

Beauty of Slate Flooring


Slate stone is an excellent flooring option. This natural stone is durable and has a smooth texture which makes it a suitable option for floors. With many stone floors available, slate flooring has today been considered as one of the best material for flooring. It displays a classic beauty with aristocracy and luxury.
Slate Floor

Why Slate Flooring?
There are many reasons for which slate stone is considered the best for making floors and tiles such as follows:
  1. Slate flooring is durable and strong.
  2. Slate stone has a smooth and shiny surface. It gives a very refined and sophisticated look.
  3. The slate floors are non-slippery and give a good grip. Hence it is suitable for flooring. Can also be used in the porch and driveways.
  4. Another advantage of slat floor is that it does not allow any kind of liquid from seeping from the floor surface.
  5. It is also stain resistant.
  6. Slate floors are easy to maintain. Simply mopping the floor with a damp cloth is enough.

Slate Flooring for Home Decor
The beautiful slate floorings are available in various designs, cuts, shapes, sizes and colors. Some of the colors of slate stones that you will find with stone manufacturers are charcoal blacks, rust red, blue, brown, grey etc. They are just perfect to be placed in any corner of the house. These kinds of slate flooring give a very natural appearance which is why many people opt for it. This type of flooring is much better than wooden or any other type of flooring. They are perfect to placed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even in patio, balcony and outside flooring. Slate flooring installation is also very easy. You can in place the state in running or any other pattern depending upon the space available and your choice. The floors can also be coated to give a shiny appearance.

With subtle colors and textures, the stone floors can compliment almost any interior decor scheme. The slate floors with eye catching designs enhance the look of any room. Though many prefer to go for the naturally smooth look, the rough surface finish of slat floor is equally appealing. This is mainly preferred in the high traffic areas and also exterior wall cladding. Because of its inherent qualities of non-staining, slip resistance and low maintenance, the slate stone floor is also an economically a viable option for home decoration. They are used in kitchen floors, counter tops, bathroom floors, shower wall, backsplashes, walkways, pool surrounds, waterfalls, pool linings etc. Slate stone flooring is indeed the most ideal option for your home, office or driveway.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wrought Iron Planters: One of the Most Sought After Garden Decor


Wrought iron planters are beautiful garden decorativeswhich are known for their attractive designs and finishes. Incorporating a wide range of design and shape options, these planters feature beautiful craftsmanship and style.

Nowadays, in modern homes, you will find a good variety of garden decoratives starting from urns and pots to fountains and furniture and pillars. If you are planning to change the look of your garden, then opt for wrought iron decor. This metal being an easily malleable metal can be given different shapes, sizes, and finishes to churn out a wide range of products. The best part is that wrought is durable and easy to maintain. One of the most widely demanded wrought iron decor is the wrought iron planter.
Wrought Iron Planters

Wrought iron planters are designed in such a way that they can hold a single flower pot or a number of pots or plants at a stretch. They are much better than the traditional styled plastic or mud pots. There are ample design options of these planters. There can be the wall planter or the hanging planter or the window boxes. The wrought iron planters are not meant to be used outdoors only. They can be used in the living room, in the balcony, in the entrance way, near the living room furniture set or near the pool and so on. The wrought iron wall planter can beautifull enhance the look of your dull wall in your balcony or shed. Similarly you can hang wrought iron hanging planters in the entry way or patio with colorful flowers in them. The window boxes or window planters which are hung outside the window with flower pots in them make the windows of your house look all the more appealing. Whatever the style, they can add a new sparkle to any garden decor.

The wrought iron planters are available in regular rectangular or square shapes, including round and oval. These are powder coated to make them rust free and then given different finishes. You can opt for many choices starting from the regular black powder coating to forest green, nickel finish, pewter coated, white powder coating and many other finishes. The styles range from traditional designs with intricate curvings and detailings to the sleek, modern patterns. Wrought iron garden planters display an artistic, aesthetic appeal which not only make your garden look beautiful but also give a refreshing and welcoming effect to the home owners. The strength and beauty of wrought iron planter make them one of the most sought after decorative pieces.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slate Patio Tiles for Unique Beauty of Stone Patios


If you have ever thought of making your outdoor space whether the backyard or the front yard a beautiful living space, then go for slate stone patio. Slate stone, a natural rock with unique colors and textures, has become a hot favorite material among modern home owners to make stone patios. The slate stone patio is gaining in popularity as an essential addition in today's backyards.

Slate stone in the form of slate tiles are used for making patios. A slate stone patio is an asset to any home. The natural rock is cut into various shapes to churn out beautiful slate patio tiles which have their own own natural beauty. When you create your patio with these stone tiles, they add a value to your home and garden because of its designs, stability and durability. There are many decorative design options for these patio tiles that they are attracting homeowners to a great extent to offer the ultimate in patio design versatility.

Slate Patio Tiles
While installing a slate patio, it is also necessary to consider the shape of the tiles and location. Either the entire outdoor portion can be turned into a stone patio or you can just select a small portion and convert it into a beautiful slate patio. It is also very easy to create your own stone patio. Once the area is decided, get the slate tiles. The tiles are usually square or rectangular shapes in various sizes. You can also opt for other shapes. Similarly you also need to decide on the shape of the patio. While square or circular stone patios are common, nowadays, preference is also given to asymmetric shape of the patio. Level the surface area properly and then lay down the slate patio tiles. Once the paving is down, fill the gaps with stone dust. Then put the grout and let it dry. Apply a slate sealer and your natural slate stone patio is ready.

Slate patios serve various purpose besides enhancing the look of the outdoor space. They are used as a get together zone for entertaining and lounging, they are used as an extension of your living room or dining room space to blend effectively interior and exterior decor. The slate stone tiles are the perfect decorative flooring surface for outdoor kitchens, patios with cozy seating areas, and water features.
Slate Patios
The slate patio tiles with their engraved patterns or honed finish or smooth edge are also preferred more for they require little maintenance. They are non slippery and stain resistant and can stand up to the harsh weather conditions as well. Upgrading your garden with a decorative slate patio is a good investment as it will provide many years of use and enjoyment besides improving the look of your landscape.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wrought Iron Brackets for Home Decor


Brackets are beautiful functional accents used in homes and garden. Since a long time, wood, stone and various metals are used to make brackets for functional purpose. However, there has always been an ever increasing demand for wrought iron brackets for their unique appearance, finish and durability.
Wrought Iron Brackets

Wrought iron is one of the most popular metals used by craftsmen to produce a wide range of decorative artifacts. The easily, malleable metal can be beautifully molded to give various shapes and sizes of brackets. These iron brackets are usually in the form of scrolls and various carvings with intricate detailing that enhance the look of these accents.

There are different types of wrought iron brackets like as wrought iron wall brackets, corner brackets, shelf brackets, mounting brackets and are installed to serve various purpose. A beautiful wall bracket can be used to place a lamp or candle holder or photo frame. It looks great in the living room. A shelf bracket in the kitchen or dining room can be used to beautifully display utensils or artworks. Similarly you can use a wrought iron bracket in the corner of a room. These corner brackets are an wonderful enhancements in the entryway or door opening. In the porch or garden, the bracket can be attached on a lamp post or a fountain to additionally hang a bird feeder or a line of flower baskets or pots. There are sign brackets as well which can display your name and address in a beautiful way in front of your house. The strong, sturdy cast iron brackets can also be used as TV brackets. There are mantle brackets which can be placed on top of the fireplace. For supporting a decorative shelf, they are the best . They come in handy in all kinds of decor and this makes them an attractive functional cum decorative piece.

Wrought iron brackets are powder coated to make them rust free. They can be electroplated or nickel plated and given different colors . Black is the most popular color while other colors are equally in demand. The various finishes on these brackets are the rustic black, forest green, satin black finish, patina finish, gold finish, platinum powder coat finish etc. The various finishes impart beauty to a bracket. They add elegance to the room's setting. With its myriads designs and styles, wrought iron bracket surely makes a beautiful decorative artifact that goes well be it in the interior or exterior of your house. They last for a long time and the best part is that they can be painted according to your room's wall color and decor.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Slate Slabs Usage for Home Decor and Utility


Slate slabs are widely used in homes for home decor and utility purpose. The dense, fine grained metamorphic rock available in various colors and sizes are finely cut and sealed to make a wide range of stone products. Slate stone slabs are known for their attractive appearance and durability.

Gone are those days when wood was the only material preferred for making furniture and artifacts. Nowadays, natural stones have become a preferred choice of material for manufacturing various decorative and utility items. Of the various stones, slate stones have remained all time favorite for many art lovers.
Slate Slab Flooring

Advantages of Slate Slabs
For varied reasons, the slabs of this stones are used for making many products. For instance, they are non-slippery. They are non-stained and most important of all they are durable. They can be used for internal and external purpose. Another quality of slate slab is that it does not allow any absorption of dirt and water as it is non-porous and hence the slabs can be easily cleaned and maintained. Another advantage is that the slate slab is also highly resistant to heat, moisture, spills and scratch. The beauty of the slate stone slab is another reason for its increased usage in home decor. The stone is available in a wide range of colors like red, rustic green, black, black-green, blue-green, yellow, gray, black-forest etc. that helps you to choose one that can match the decor of your house.

Slate Slabs Utility for Home Decor
Slate slabs which are available in various sizes, thickness and colors are further cut and finished to produce an array of useful items. The slate slabs can be given different finishes like as they can be sawed, hammered, chiseled, honed or polished. Today, slate slabs are today used to make flooring, counter tops, firewalls, fountains, hearths, slate coffee tables and various other stone crafts. They are also used in making garden pathways, steps, pavers, including wall tiles for cladding, roof tiles, table tops etc. The fine stone slab is efficiently split into thin, smooth-surfaced layers for interior and exterior applications. The slate stone slab adds an elegant style and grace to the decor, whether for exterior or interior decor. There are various style options available in terms of sizes and colors and finishes. Each slate slate is different from the other that when installed on the floor or on the wall, it creates an unique pattern that becomes the focal point of the house.

Slate Slabs Pathways

Slates stones are considered one of the most environmental friendly stones, besides being durable and decorative. Hence slate slabs make a popular choice for home decor and utility products.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wrought Iron Grills and Grill Designs


Wrought iron grills have wonderfully adorned the interiors of homes and commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, malls, offices etc. from a very long time. They are the perfect ornamental decor that can be used to enhance the look of your home, including providing additional security when installed in windows and doors.

Wrought iron metal is a very easily malleable metal. They can be beautiful molded into various shapes and patterns, specially in ornamental forms. The wrought iron grills are used in windows, doors, railings, grill gates, fences and even in front of the fireplace. They enhance the appearance of a particular area. The iron grill in front of the house becomes the focal point of the house. Among the various types of grills, wrought iron is definitely the most popular choice.

The grills provide security to a home. Wrought iron is durable, strong and at the same time beautiful to look at. That is why in most modern homes today, you see the use of wrought iron grilles. These are seen specially in those homes where people prefer the traditional style of design and architecture with lots of curvaceous patterns and shapes.

Wrought Iron Grill Design

The grill design ranges from traditional patterns of highly ornate designs to the sleek, contemporary modern themes. The grills are powder coated to make them rust free. After powder coating, the wrought iron grill can be painted or given different finishes. The nickel plated, the patina finish, the chestnut brown, forest grass, black and white are the most popular finishes on wrought iron grills.
The grill designs are usually in the shapes of leaves, creepers, roosters, sun, and other abstract patterns or geometrical shapes. The shiny black powder coated wrought iron grill will always remain the all time favorite for home owners. These work well in combination with any color and can match any decor of the house. Black iron grill is considered a neutral color that has fine lines and make the room look more elegant.

Grill Designs

The wrought iron grill designs are so vast in choices that at times it becomes difficult to choose one. Some also prefer to go for customized grill designs. Most designs have architectural beauty getting redefined. These grills are easy to install and to clean. Some wrought iron manufacturers also manufacture removable grills. The grills can be removed , cleaned and then installed again.

The elegance and beauty that comes with the use of wrought iron grills can never be compared with other grill types. They create an aesthetic appeal and a lasting visual effect.

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