Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wrought Iron Brackets for Home Decor


Brackets are beautiful functional accents used in homes and garden. Since a long time, wood, stone and various metals are used to make brackets for functional purpose. However, there has always been an ever increasing demand for wrought iron brackets for their unique appearance, finish and durability.
Wrought Iron Brackets

Wrought iron is one of the most popular metals used by craftsmen to produce a wide range of decorative artifacts. The easily, malleable metal can be beautifully molded to give various shapes and sizes of brackets. These iron brackets are usually in the form of scrolls and various carvings with intricate detailing that enhance the look of these accents.

There are different types of wrought iron brackets like as wrought iron wall brackets, corner brackets, shelf brackets, mounting brackets and are installed to serve various purpose. A beautiful wall bracket can be used to place a lamp or candle holder or photo frame. It looks great in the living room. A shelf bracket in the kitchen or dining room can be used to beautifully display utensils or artworks. Similarly you can use a wrought iron bracket in the corner of a room. These corner brackets are an wonderful enhancements in the entryway or door opening. In the porch or garden, the bracket can be attached on a lamp post or a fountain to additionally hang a bird feeder or a line of flower baskets or pots. There are sign brackets as well which can display your name and address in a beautiful way in front of your house. The strong, sturdy cast iron brackets can also be used as TV brackets. There are mantle brackets which can be placed on top of the fireplace. For supporting a decorative shelf, they are the best . They come in handy in all kinds of decor and this makes them an attractive functional cum decorative piece.

Wrought iron brackets are powder coated to make them rust free. They can be electroplated or nickel plated and given different colors . Black is the most popular color while other colors are equally in demand. The various finishes on these brackets are the rustic black, forest green, satin black finish, patina finish, gold finish, platinum powder coat finish etc. The various finishes impart beauty to a bracket. They add elegance to the room's setting. With its myriads designs and styles, wrought iron bracket surely makes a beautiful decorative artifact that goes well be it in the interior or exterior of your house. They last for a long time and the best part is that they can be painted according to your room's wall color and decor.

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