Sunday, July 25, 2010

Embellish your cherished moment!


A beautiful smile on my face lighten up my day.....reason being I saw my picture of school days. Then I realized, some memories deserve to be placed beautifully. I straight away went to an antique showroom and bought a Photo Frame. Antique photo frame is perfect to hold those fond memories! And this is precisely what my photo frame can do. Really the beautiful photo frames are sheer joy to behold! This photo frame is not just frame rather it is the source of delightful memories and satisfying happiness. So dear friends of all the universe - “Preserve your most precious memories within the confines of your favorite photo frame that breathes of positive energy. Let your relations grow deeper and deeper with the beauty and elegance of the photo frames. Don't wait, go ahead and explore the world of photo frames and celebrate your relation.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wrought Iron Doors Windows Give a Stylish Touch To Your Home


Wrought iron doors and windows are gaining momentum in the voguish world of today. The charismatic feel created by these are impeccable. Nothing can describe the beauty of intricate designs and patterns that are made on the wrought iron doors and windows. These really enhance the beauty of your home whether you are using it in the exteriors or interiors of your home.

The doors and windows from this metal are magnificent and just adorable. Each piece is carefully designed and looks different from others. The natural beauty of wrought iron metal has led to its popularity. As home designing and decorating project is quiet time consuming so does the selection and buying of the accessories and wrought iron doors windows.

Before buying check the weight and the quality of wrought iron used to make these apart from the design. Higher the quality more the life will be. Also check the support structure and hinges

Wrought Iron Windows
Wrought iron windows have become a unique way of decorating a window. So instead of giving window a window treatment you can get the window grilles to beautify it. Not only these are aesthetically appealing but these are also fine from the security point of view. Any shape and size can be given to these decorative windows as the metal is very malleable and easy to work upon. So the beautiful ornamental wrought iron window designs will allure you.

Wrought Iron Doors
If you are hunting for the doors that are modern, simple and yet trendy then go with the wrought iron doors. Wide range of designs are available in these doors to fit into any type of home decor. The intricate patterns and designs on the wrought iron doors make these special although you wont find much difference in the design. He designs have wide gap so if you are looking something that should cover the space behind then go with something solid.

  • Very sturdy and stylish.
  • Available in different designs, shapes and sizes.
  • Need very less maintenance.
  • Wrought iron products will not rust.
  • This metal can withstand any kind of weather so perfect for outdoor use.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pony Bead Gift Baskets - Easy Crafts For Kids


Pony beads gift baskets along with other pony bead crafts are considered easy for the kids as these beads are very easy to work upon because of the large hole. You can make different crafts like pony bead animals, butterfly, turtle, flower and many more such crafts.

Things Required to Make Pony Bead Gift Basket
  1. Pony Beads
  2. Empty half gallon plastic milk jug
  3. Scissors
  4. Wax paper
  5. Multi-colored tissue paper
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Pipe Cleaner
  8. Easter Grass

Instructions to Make Pony Bead Gift Basket
  • Cut out the bottom portion of the milk jug after emptying and washing it completely.
  • Place the milk jug upside down on a wax paper to avoid any stain or mark on the table on which you are working.
  • Mix equal portion of water and glue in a bowl and mix it with paint brush.
  • Cut the tissue papers into small square pieces. If not tissue paper you can use any kind of colored paper.
  • Now apply the water and glue mixture on the outer side of the jug and paste the paper pieces there. Paste these completely so that everything is covered without a space.
  • After fixing apply the mixture of glue and water above it.
  • Let it dry.
  • After it is completely dried place it in its upright position and with scissors make holes on the opposite side for handle.
  • Get the pipe cleaner and pony beads. First attach the one end of the pipe cleaner in the one hole and weave the pipe cleaner with pony beads. Now attach the other end in the second hole to make the handle.

Your pony bead basket is ready to use in any way you want.

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