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Wrought Iron Wind Chimes - For Style, Luck and Prosperity


Wrought Iron is mostly associated with decorative furniture, gates, and railings etc. However, the tough, malleable, and easily welded wrought iron is also used to make various handicraft items. One of such very popular wrought iron handicrafts is the wrought iron wind chimes. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese knowledge about the flow of “chi” or energy, also uses wind chimes as a very effective tool for bring luck, prosperity and positive energy in a house. And as these iron wind chimes are so beautiful that they render unique style to one's home. So, if you want to bring good luck, prosperity, energy, popularity and all the good things to your home, just read on to know how to use these chimes in a proper way.

Choose the Right Wind Chime

First of all, you must select your wind chime according the size of your room or garden, wherever you wish to hang it- small size for small sized rooms and big one for bigger spaces. After size, sound is the most important consideration. In fact, sound is what makes a chime effective. Metal chimes produce the most penetrating sound and thus, wrought iron wind chimes are just perfect for the purpose. Now comes the Feng shui as wells Vaastu consideration- the directions best suited for wind chimes.

Place Wind Chimes in Proper Directions

Wind Chimes are mainly used as Feng Shui tools for circulating positive energy and as such they should be placed in those directions of the house where there is most of the negative energy. The north and west sides are considered such negative energy prone areas of the house.

North facing windows and entrance doors: Whenever windows and doors are north facing, a very little or no sunlight reaches the interiors of the house which in turn leads to cold, dark and depressing atmosphere. Thus, metal wind chimes placed in the north, west or northwest areas of a home can bring positive energy in the house leading to ultimate prosperity.

Western area of the House: Western direction is generally regarded to be children's area. A wind chime placed in this direction promotes the chances of having children and positively influence their health, behavior and studies. Hollow metal wind chimes hanged in western direction particularly brings more energy in the house.

What more! Wind chimes can even cure depression and laziness. Get some Feng Shui Tips about the same.