Friday, March 25, 2011

Paper picture frame: Make it yourself


It gives us immense pleasure when we explore the creativity and make some memorable gifts for our beloved. A picture frame is a good idea since you do not have to struggle hard for making one but definitely can pour all your feelings on. The home made paper picture frames can be personalized depending on the photo or the occasion. The best part with the paper picture frame is you can create theme based frames corresponding to the photo or the picture you desire to frame. You can even let your children decorate the frame on their own way.

See the below attractive handmade paper picture frames...try yourself making one:

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Copper Cookie Cutter as Gift Item


Copper is the oldest metal known to human kind and cookie cutter made of this metal is strong, durable, reflects rich tradition and is beautiful. Cookie cutter is used for cutting cookie dough into desired shapes before baking. Doubtless that your mom loves to have some copper cookie cutter in varied size and shape. Nothing is more interesting and lovely than surprising your mom with a copper cookie cutter made by yourself. Yes, copper cookie cutter could be made at home with simple steps without hard effort. Making a copper cookie cutter at home will definitely be a fun and gives ample of room to explore the creativity inside you. Collect the required materials and tools – copper roll, measuring tape, simple tape, pliers, shears, punch tool, eyelets and some printed designs. Follow the instructions below:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jute Burlap Party Favor Bags


Jute Burlap fabric is strong, durable and recyclable. Jute Burlap fabric is eco-friendly and is ideal for making bags. Companies are promoting jute bags contributing towards environmental conservation. Jute trendy bags and simple shopping bags are common but currently jute as party favor bag is becoming popular amongst the well educated youngsters. There are varieties of jute burlap favor bags available in market. The jute favor bags are affordable and even you can design your own at home. The home made favor bags are more creative and carries personalized taste. Once you get to know how to make the favor bag at home; you can make thematic bags for each festival. Buy some jute burlap, trinkets, fancy ribbons, rubber band, memo tags and twine. Now you have all the stuffs required; follow the below steps.

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