Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabric- Its So Wonderful!


Have you ever seen a bird making its nest? How they bring one straw at a time and tuck them at the exact position so that it joins the other straws already collected and placed on the branch of a tree! Such a simple activity but so scientific a concept! Our ancestors might have got the inspiration for making fabric from these beautiful creatures only. After all fabric is woven with more or less the same concept- connecting the fibers with each other so that they are tightly joined to form a network which is then known as 'Fabric'. When we go shopping for clothes and reject one after other to select the one with a perfect feel and look, we don't even think about the efforts gone into making that fabric!

How is Fabric Constructed

You now know that fabric is basically manufactured through weaving fibers. Based on the composition of fiber, fabric may be a natural fabric or a synthetic fabric. There are other categories of fabrics too. Other than weaving, there are other techniques also for making fabric, such as knitting and braiding. The technological developments in the textile industry has now made it possible to make fabrics without weaving too. Such fabrics are known as non woven fabrics.

The New Fabrics

As we all know, todays age is the age of specialists. Fabrics are no exception in that matter. Functional fabrics are fast becoming the norm of the day. The Fireworkers cannot work in cotton, they need to have uniform made of flame resistant fabric. The aeroplanes cannot have seats made of ordinary fabric, they need a strong as well as beautiful fabric such as carbon fabric. Why go so high, think of yourself having urgent work out when its raining heavily. Won't you need a raincoat made of some water resistant fabric?

Thats the importance of fabric in our lives! So I'll take your leave now and will come back with some more interesting information on textile.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The World of Textile


Today I am going to tell you about the fascinating world of textile. But let me first ask you something. Tell me what comes to your mind when you think about textile or say fabric. Garments.... Clothing....Apparel....Jacket....Gown....Trousers ....Hats ....Gloves.... Have you ever thought of textile without thinking of dresses? I am sure 95 % of you will say “No!” That's it, most of us don't think of textile as a raw material, a thing that can be used further for many other purposes. Now look around you- the chair you are sitting on has a seat made of textile! The bag you are carrying is made of fabric! The carpet under your feet is again textile! You remember your last camp and the tent there- yes it was made of textile and don't forget that sleeping bag in which you had that very cozy feeling on that wintry night! So now you got my point- textile is such a versatile thing that can be formed into a varied range of textile products. We'll discuss some of them here and if you feel like knowing more textile products , you can always search for them on net.

While listing the textile products below, I have tried to include those products which are not generally thought of when discussing textile.

Awnings: The bright and colorful awnings that keep you away from the scorching sun and the rainfall, give a beautiful look to your house at the same time. They are usually made of canvas and marine grade fabric.

Boats: Whether you need to go fishing or have a plan for an adventurous spell in the waters, all you need is a dependable inflatable boat or a kayak. The lesser known fact is that they too are made of fabric- hypalon fabric or PVC fabric.

Bags: Talk of any kind of bag- handbag, tote, backpacks, sleeping bags- all are made of textile- cotton, synthetic fabric, jute and what not- decorated with braids and laces- again made of fabrics. Even your little wallet is made of leather fabric!

Umbrellas: There are different types of umbrellas- the one used for protection against sun and rain, the outdoor umbrellas including patio umbrella, golf umbrella and beach umbrella- all are made from fabrics particularly acrylics and polyurethane-coated polyester fabrics.

Display Booths: Next time you go to an exhibition just try to make out what fabrics - wool felt, duck cloth or canvas, polyester, burlap, velvet, or suede- is used in making those display booths showing the products of your interest.

Have these products generated your interest in knowing more about other textile products! While you surf the net for more information, i'll think about something more interesting for you. So, see you on my next post!

Suitable Fabrics for Home Furnishings


Home is where the happiness is. All of us want to decorate our homes in such a way that whoever enters it, says “Wow! What a house!” Many things have to be considered while decorating the interiors such as furnitures, bed linen, bathroom furnishing, kitchen linen, table linen, curtains, window treatments, hammocks, carpets and rugs, wall coverings and many other accessories. If you go through the list you will find that textile furnishing is the basic thing that is required for most of the items. Whatever home style do you select for decorating, the home furnishings will be the top issue to be addressed. But do we know what fabric is suitable for a particular purpose? I have tried to list some of the important fabrics used for home furnishings. This list will help the end-user understand what fabric should be used for what purpose. It is equally useful for the Home furnishing Manufacturers, Home furnishing Suppliers, Home furnishing Wholesalers, and all the Home furnishing Companies who spend a handsome amount to know what consumers want after all. You can also go to for Home Furnishing Directory to have contacts and products list for your business purpose.

Brocade- This fabric has a raised surface and is generally made of silk, rayon and nylon sometimes with metallic treatment. The woven surface looks like embroidery. It can be beautifully used for upholstery of old timber furniture.

Chenille – can be made of silk, wool, or cotton and has a feel resembling velvet. It can be useful for upholstery, cushions, tablecloths, throws etc.

Damask – can be made from silk, cotton, linen, wool or man made fibers. Traditional damask has a shiny ground in contrast with lusterless sateen weave figure. It is suitable for tablecloths, upholstery and wall coverings.

Silk – The luxury fabric having very good texture and luster, drapes very well. As such it looks very good when used for curtains but care has to be taken to interline it as the sun rays can damage the fabric. It also looks good on small chairs and accessories.

Tapestry – is woven material having a ribbed surface. The modern tapestry made with machines are lighter in weight and have different colors giving embroidered look. The traditional tapestry looks good when used for wall hangings, upholstery, cushions and the modern ones are more suitable for curtains, table covers, and upholstery too.

Tartan – Traditionally made of wool but now also woven from cotton or silk, is used mostly for upholstery, blankets, drapery, cushions, formal swags, blinds, shades, throws, cushions etc.

These were only few fabrics that are used for home furnishings. I'll have some more information on other fabrics very soon. Meanwhile you can browse the link for some more interesting tips on home decoration.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Amazing World of Apparels


From being a necessity, clothing has now become a style statement. The wide range of apparels available in various colors and designs not only proves this fact but also facilitates the trend. I am so attracted to the myriad varieties of garments in the cloth stores that I could not stop myself from researching upon the newer kinds of apparels.

Apart from the normal mens, women's and kid's clothing which can be searched on the market is full with garments that are designed particularly for specialized applications. No, I am not talking about any technical fabric, I intend to share the information, I got about the daily wears. They are manufactured keeping in view the activities that we perform daily, without even giving them any thought. You too will be amazed when you know about these “so normal but special” clothings. I have listed some of them for you to go through.

Corporate apparel: Leaving behind the boring conservative business suits and plain ties, and conservative skirts and formal blouses, corporate world is now wearing trendier, more colorful and more comfortable apparels. These Business clothings strike the right balance between comfort and decorum, not to forget their smart looks. The company-specific workwear or 'business uniforms' too have become colorful and to some extent having designer looks. So now the 'Only Friday Casuals' have given way to 'All Days Business Casuals'

Health and Fitness apparel:The sports apparel specialty stores have a wide range of clothing along with accessories specifically designed for activities like golf, fitness exercise, equestrian and yoga etc. They are comfortable, moisture retaining and stylish at the same time.

Hospitality apparel: The hospitality industry, ranging from food service to housekeeping, all are so essential to keep us going. From tea aprons to housekeeping dress and womens pull-on pants or a tunic, all are designed simply for providing functionality and comfort.

These were only few of the amazing garments. Keep a watch more such apparels and other clothing issues till the time I complete my research and bring more information to you.