Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wrought Iron Grille Designs!


Wrought Iron Grill Design

Wrought Iron Window Grill

Wrought Iron Door Grill

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wrought Iron Balusters v/s Wooden Balusters- A Comparison!


Whether its home decorating or home renovation- the first thing that comes to mind is stairways renovation. Stairways have to be secure else there is always a risk of accident. However, one cannot deny the fact that these stairways also make our home beautiful. So, what are the solutions- what type of balusters will fulfill both the needs? When thinking about balusters, two types of balusters come to mind- Wrought iron balusters and wooden balusters. I am sure, most of the people reading this must be having wooden balusters at their homes. And if you are thinking of home renovation, then there is no better idea than a wrought iron baluster. Here we will compare wrought iron balusters with wooden balusters and will also come to know what advantages does wrought iron has over the wooden balusters!

Durability- Iron, as also wrought iron, is definitely durable than wood. Wooden balusters get decayed over time. They are also susceptible to vermin and termites. Wrought iron balusters do not have all these problems. Once installed, they will be there for lifelong. Now comes the question of getting bored of seeing these balusters year after year. That also has a solution. Get them painted in your choice of color after a certain period of time. There is nothing against wooden balusters if one can afford to change balusters over short period of times. If not, its better to get wrought iron balusters installed at your stairways.

Ductility- Wrought iron is malleable and can be molded and given any shape. Thus, wrought iron balusters are more decorative than wooden balusters. Wood, as is known, can not be molded to give curvy or decorative shapes. Wrought iron, being ductile can be twisted into intricate and complicated designs. As a result, you have many options with wrought iron balusters and can let your imagination loose when decorating your home.

Easy Availability-
Due to the changed interests of home dwellers and decorators, craftsmen are more inclined towards making balusters out of wrought iron. They are hesitant in experimenting with wooden baluster designs. As a result, iron balusters are available in showrooms and even smaller shops in most of the cities and towns. They are available on Internet too and can be purchased online sitting right at your home.

As far as cost is concerned, it all depends upon the place where you stay and how much wrought iron is dealt with there. Depending upon the quality of wrought iron and on the craftsmanship (the more detailed and intricate the designs, more will be cost), it can be both- cheaper or costlier than wooden balusters. You are now the sole authority to decide whether you need wrought iron balusters in place of your old wooden balusters or not? And if you decide for having wrought iron balusters then its the most suitable time to read How to Install Wrought Iron Balusters?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Mardy Gras 2010!


Are you in the mood of carnival, feast, merry making and all, just throw a Mardi Gras Party and spread happiness before pre-Easter fasting and the season of Lent. February 16th is the day! Celebrate with colors purple, green and gold. Find out what all party supplies you need to grab, Party ideas for great mardi gras celebration. How to get crazy with outrageous masks or sensational hats. Get creative with your decorative items and imagine the wildest costumes for the party theme. Hey and don't forget to keep your fingers crossed to get that delicious piece of king cake for all your luck through the year. So enjoy the Happy Mardy Gras 2010!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Learn How to Identify Antique Beads?


There is ambiguity over the issue of determining the antiquity of an object. Most of the antiques collectors and experts take any object that is more than 100 years old as an antique. Antique beads too are defined on the basis of this and other parameters such as their aesthetic or historical significance. With the demand for antique beads in the market, there have been an influx of antique beads reproductions too. If you are a collector of antique beads, you must know how to identify these ancient beads before investing on them. Here are some tips on identifying antique beads for your assistance.
  • Antique beads usually have larger holes. As the beading tools were not very sophisticated in the ancient times, smaller holes were difficult to be made by the craftsmen.
  • If the bead you are looking at shows some signs of natural aging then it has strong possibility of being an antique bead. If it is an antique metal bead, you must know that metals change color with age and also may have dents and scratches on its surface. Stone and glass beads may be cracked or chipped.
  • Although antique beads have larger holes, there are some tiny antique beads (16-24 seed beads) that are not made by the modern beads manufacturers. The ancient craftsmen gave extra time and labor to make such minuscule size seed beads.
  • Apart from other signs of aging, holes of antique beads show signs of wearing out from being strung. They might seem to be eroded.
  • Antique beads were made from certain particular materials only. Try to identify the material they are made of. You must have the basic knowledge about the materials that were used to make antique beads to examine the ancient beads on this parameter. Read Antique Beads for gaining knowledge about the materials that were used for making these ancient beads.
  • Spend some time learning about the different styles of antique beads and looking at pictures of ancient beads. This effort will familiarize you with antique beads style and you will start recognizing particular styles.
  • If you decide to buy antique beads after examining yourself on the above criteria but you are not an antique beads expert, take your bead to an expert for valuation so that it is proved to be truly old and rare.
There is one more thing to remember that anything older than 25 years, but not old enough to be an antique bead, is termed as vintage beads. They are also valued for their 'quite an old age'. If you, for the time being, are not able to collect antique beads, you can go for vintage beads too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day Beaded Craft- Gift for Someone Special!


Valentines Day is special! And so is the Valentines Day gift. If the beauty of beads mix with the excitement of getting a handmade gift from your beloved- this day can turn into an extra special day! Don't you think so? Why not gift your beloved a beaded jewelery or some other accessory made by yourself on this Valentines day? If you think that you don't have enough time to make such a special gift, you are not exactly right because these plastic bead crafts are so easy to make and they complete in 'no time'. You just need to read what materials you require and how to make these fabulous beads crafts. Just learn some easy Valentines day special plastic beads craft and surprise your special someone on this Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wrought Iron Grilles- For Beauty and Security


Wrought iron has come to occupy an enviable position in home decor. Not only home decor, it provides great security too. Perhaps, this is the reason why wrought iron grills are preferred by the modern home dwellers. These wrought iron grilles can even be mixed and matched with other materials to provide greater security and beauty. Its shining black color aids in enhancing the beauty of doors, windows or wherever they are placed. Wrought iron grills have so much craze that these grills are now even used for decorating the interiors of any home. Wrought iron wall grills can be seen on and as wall decor in modern homes. Know more about wrought iron grilles, their advantages and watch some fabulous grille designs. Read Wrought Iron Grille

Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY- Wrought Iron Balusters Installation


Many people like to do home improvement themselves. It is not about financial constraints at all the times. Some people really like to do it themselves. They find satisfaction in decorating their homes through their own hands. One such work where the scope of decorating renovating home lies in installing new wrought iron balusters in place of the old wooden balusters. However, this needs some practice to bring smooth looks and some tactics and basic guidelines to install the balusters right at where they need to be installed. Anyone can do it- they just need someone to tell the basics of balusters installation. Here are step by step instructions to install wrought iron balusters in place of your old balusters for your help. Know all about baluster installation, read DIY- How to Install Wrought Iron Balusters?