Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avoid Mistakes While Installing Marble Countertops


Mistakes done while installing marble counter tops can ruin the whole look and sometimes even your costly marble slab or marble tile. To avoid these mistakes it is better to know them. Also learn the technicality involved in the process of installing marble counter tops to avoid mistakes.

Marble is a porous but heavy stone so it needs care while handling and installing. Special tools and well experienced hands are required to cut, install and repair marble. Even if you are a beginner never compromise on quality as this will pay you in long term.

Things to Remember While Installing Marble Counter tops
  1. Surface not prepare properly before installation. To prepare the surface level it properly as it is very difficult to level the surface once the marble counter top is installed.
  2. Marble tiles are installed on concrete and hard surface. Always clean the surface before installation as any dust or dirt will lead to loose marble counter tops.
  3. Never out large marble tiles on one side of the counter top and smaller once on other as this does not look balanced.
  4. Beginners should not glue the tiles to the surface.
  5. Pay proper attention while cutting the marble for counter top as most of the breaking takes place during this. Marble is an expensive stone so much breaking is not affordable.
  6. Also cutting wrong sized marble for counter tops is another problem that is seen regularly. So to avoid this mistake take proper measurement before cutting and even buying.
  7. Leave the grout as it is for at least one day after installation of marble countertop for strength.
  8. Purchase thicker marble tiles or slabs for counter tops as there are less chances of their breaking during transportation and installation. Generally thickness of three-fourths of an inch to one and a half inches is preferred for the countertops, but you can always go with more thickness for better results.
  9. Before installing marble counter top remove all the existing tiles and fixtures
  10. Check if the wiring and plumbing in your kitchen has been properly done or not. Septic system must be installed properly to avoid any problem that can arise during marble counter top installation.
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