Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Care for Marble Furniture?


Marble furniture looks really dandy and contemporary. If you have the white marble dining table or white marble chair then you will be mesmerized by its shine, whiteness and natural beauty. But as every beautiful thing needs care so does the marble furniture.

  • Clean the spills as soon as the furniture gets these with neat and clean cloth.
  • Marble is a natural stone that is porous in nature. So if you have the marble furniture at home make sure to cover it with sealant to avoid any kind of stain or scratch mark as these marks are permanent and very difficult to work upon.
  • Whenever you are using drink on marble furniture then use coaster to avoid stains.
  • Use table mats on marble dining table set and also use these under warm dish bowls as direct placement on the table may damage your precious marble dining table.
  • To clean marble furniture never use the acidic cleaner. Always wash the marble furniture with water and with very mild liquid detergent.
  • Never use abrasive material to scrub marble furniture instead of this use soft & clean cloth.
  • Do not use wax on the marble furniture as it can cause its yellowing.
  • For tough stains you can use neutral and non abrasive cleaner like hydrogen peroxide, acetone and ammonia. But you must consult the specialist before using any kind of stain remover.
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