Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Historical Overview of Indian Handicrafts


The rich history of Indian Handicrafts has evolved over the centuries. The endowment of Indian culture promises all aspects like form, style, beauty and dignity. The mesmerizing appeal of Indian civilization, united by its diversity, resides in its exclusivity and perfection that leaves people astonished. Handicraft, as the name implies, is a craft made completely by hands without taking help of any modern technical equipment.

Symbol of Religious Culture & Beliefs

Experience the richness of 5000 year old historical culture, glory and triumphs with the diverse array of hand crafted masterpieces. The brilliant artistic skills of the artisans reflect the wide range of ethnic patterns. Each and every hand-made piece is bound to offer elegance to any interior. The choices range from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork.

The tradition of making handicrafts in India started thousands of years ago. The interesting story of evolution of Indian Arts and Crafts revolved around some specific factors like geometrical construction, availability of constituents, local needs, religious beliefs and a focus on national and foreign trade.

Evolution of Handicrafts

Since 18th century A.D., Handicrafts evolved to high level of skill and perfection in India. The tradition became a significant part of the lifestyle. At that time, the caste system of India reserved some handicrafts to certain castes which became the identity of that caste. People belong to that caste worked hard to impart their idea of creativity and innovation to the craft they made as this was the only mean for their sustenance and livelihood.

The endless array of handcrafted goods has created an incisive entry into home furnishing, furniture, jewelery, decorative articles, fashion world, etc. It is a fact that a handcrafted item cost much more than a synthetically made products. Still, people are willing to pay the deserved value for the art piece. Hand crafted articles are, now, considered to be a possession, a fashion statement and an item of luxury.

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