Saturday, January 31, 2009

Information on vast variety of Handicrafts


Handicrafts is a unique expression of art that beautifully keeps the age old culture alive and maintains its exotic legacy and tradition. Every country has its own unique style and form of bringing forth the diverse historical aspects in beautiful forms of handicrafts. People are deeply engaged in the production of cherished hand-made items.

Handicrafts of a country showcases the rich cultural and artistic history of that nation. The vibrancy of Indian ethnicity can be easily noticed to be alive in the exotic handicrafts masterpieces. All the beautifully handcrafted items which catches the fancy of art connoisseurs world over are mainly categorized under the following heads:

Cane and Bamboo Crafts
Handmade paper craft
Bell Metal Crafts
Jute Handicrafts
Clay and terracotta crafts
Textile crafts
Stone Crafts
Wooden Handicrafts

Techniques Applied
Artisans & craftsmen make use of number of techniques to give form to the unique handicraft items. These combined with exquisite & vibrant designs make the most intriguing artistic artifacts. The commonly used techniques are Beading, Bronze Casting, Carving, Chikan, Embroidery, Enameling, EPNS, Filigree, Hand Printing, Inlay, Painting, Phulkari, Polishing, Weaving and Tie & Die.

Highlighted with well-defined designs and finishes, each handcrafted item speak clearly about the excellent artistic skills which makes the masterpiece absolutely invaluable.
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