Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bell Metal Crafts


Crafts made up of bell metal are called Bell Metal Crafts. In India, metal alloys have been in use for ages. The art of making bell metal crafts, was first started in Kerala. This art was applied skillfully to produce items both for aesthetic and utility purpose. People of Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh also get engaged in making extensive crafts. In many Indian states, bell metal casting is essentially an art of making crafts by the tribal people. But now-a days, this art form is being exercised by the non-tribals as well.

Popularity of Bell Metal

Bell metal is one of the most popular metal for making crafts. The alloy of bell metal consists of 77% copper and 23% tin. Bell metal craft is an integral part of Indian ethos and is being used for manufacturing variety of handicraft items, both for utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. Indian artisans produce bell metal crafts with breathtaking designs and beautiful patterns. This metal is so popular because of its certain special features for example, food kept in bell metal utensils will not get spoiled. In some states such as Bengal and Assam, it is traditional utility cum gift item.

Artifacts Manufactured

Bell metal is one of the most demanding materials for making crafts due to its unique features. A wide gamut of handicraft items can be fabricated out of this metal such as Photo frames, Jewelry boxes, Agarbatti stands, Baskets, Diyas, Bells & Chimes, Lamps, etc. Figures of animals, kalash, sindoor dan, water pot, tray, lota, bells, draggers, swords, kitchen utensils and many more can also be seen in the market.

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