Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cane and Bamboo Crafts


In ancient times, Handicrafts was a form of art practiced for the sustenance and livelihood of humans. Cane and bamboo craft has always been a part of Indian culture. They are being used to make many decorative items, among which mats and baskets are quite popular. Now-a-days, different furniture items are also made from bamboo and cane.

In India, Cane and Bamboo craft is the oldest known form of making crafts. It was first practiced in Goa, and then in Andra Pradesh. Cane baskets are used to carry rice and other things to the market to sell them. Assam, then, transformed cane baskets to furniture. Being one of the oldest creation by men, these handcrafted items are considered as clean and pure for religious purposes. This form of handicraft was also found in Sikkim, Mustoh, Kamrup, Sibsagar, Belonia, etc.

Varities of cane and bamboo :

The most widely used variety of cane and bamboo for manufacturing different hand-made items are -

* Variety of cane : Barjali , Harua , Golla , Sundi for making baskets and furniture.

* Variety of bamboo : Jati , Tita and Lejai for making different item.

Prominent Places :

Here are some Indian states which shows there proficiency in cane and bamboo crafts.

* Orrisa : Decoratie items and furniture

* Manipur : Famous for its dome shaped baskets.

* Arunachal Pradesh : Bamboo bridges and cane belts

* Tripura : Musical instruments and fishing devices.

* Assam : Baskets & mats

* West Bengal : Flooring mats & Hukkas

* Tamil Nadu : For grass mats

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