Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clay and Terracotta Crafts


Clay and terracotta crafts possess a rich tradition in India. They, both, compliment each other because for making crafts, a mixed paste of both is required. For earthen wares, terracotta crafts uses clay which are also signified as building material. This art, along with its continuous history of preceding centuries, incorporates ideas which are based upon an explicit understanding of the human form. Indian manufacturers are highly skilled in making terracotta crafts.

Induction in Ancestral Era
Since ancient period, Clay and Terracotta crafts has been practiced and applied. This form of handicrafts came into existence since Harappan civilization. Terracotta and Clay craft is probably the oldest form of mans creations. It is as though as man came across nature and he was stirred by its challenge.

Indian manufacturers of crafts, either make them by hand or on wheels. After that, they are fired in an open oven. The surface is, then, itched and polished with the help of stone or wood to give a final finishing. Clay and terracotta crafts has kept the age old tradition alive.

Varieties of Utility and Decorative Crafts
These masterpieces have find their application in many areas. For example, they are used for adorning and adding grace to the house. Some figures can be placed in religious places especially in rural parts. Initially, used for basic needs, they have now maintained their pride for exciting interior decor. They can also be used as a gift item to present to your loved ones. The various variety of clay and terracotta crafts includes flower vase, candle holders, hanging pots, wall, hangings, planters, bells, etc. Terracotta tiles have also gained immense popularity worldwide. Various beautiful sculptures and paintings are also carved out of clay.

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