Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Design Your Party Dress with Fascinating Trims


Do you love parties? Always conscious how you are looking? Want to be in the focus of attention? Or you are a person who can't easily find a party wear? Whatever the matter is, you don't have to worry about anything as long as you can imagine what you want to wear for that special party. You can yourself design your party dress with the help of fascinating textile accessories and, of course, your imagination. The market is full with all types of colorful beads, ribbons, fabrics, sequins and what not. Just let loose your imagination and see how designing party dresses with beads, appliqués, and bows will instantly make you charismatic.

There are no specific rules about how you can design your dress or what all can you add to the dress to make it look perfect. However, it is always advisable that such trims should be selected that are easily available so that you don't have to bother too much about collecting them. This will make the whole activity of designing an interesting one. Beading has become popular beyond imagination and market is full with colorful beads of almost every size and shape. All the other things like patterns, threads etc. are also easily available. The only activity remains to do is to select a pattern and sew the beads to clothes. And an attractive beaded party dress is all yours to wear.

Same is the case with appliqué's that are available in variety of designs and patterns. If, anyway, you don't like these ready made appliqué's, you can always make one yourself and attach to your choice of garment. Making appliqué's is a not a very complicated process. Bows too look good on party dresses. You can make a bow- large, small, medium or of any size and attach it to your party dress. And if you don't like sewing at all just tie a bow in a variety of ways and see how all the heads move around to see the stunning 'You'!

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