Friday, February 6, 2009

Handmade Paper Crafts


Handmade paper, as the name implies, is a variety of paper made by hands. Making crafts from handmade papers is one of the oldest craft making material. It is an innovative and artistic medium in itself. Handmade paper crafts are ever green decorative items and perfect to gift to please your loved ones. Previously, designing of handmade paper was done with the help of various cotton rags or vegetables fibers. But now, the art of making handmade paper crafts has completely revitalized.

Paper Crafts Evolution

Handmade Paper-crafting has been around since ancient period. The name paper comes from the word “Papyrus”. The scrolls of papyrus were made by taking slices of the inner part of the papyrus stem, flattening then pounded into a hard, thin sheet. China was the first to start making crafts out of handmade paper. Gradually, it spreads through Mid-East to Europe.

Handmade Paper crafting also helps in forestation and de-forestation. Handmade Paper, itself, is an excellent example of recycling. There can be numerous variety and applications of paper pulp and handmade paper.

Varieties of Handmade Papers

Different types of handmade papers are being used such as Handmade plain paper, Jute paper, Embroidered paper, Embossed paper, Millenium paper, Leaf impression paper, Tie Die paper, Screen print paper, Crocodile paper, Silk paper, Flower paper, Handmade Batik paper, Leather paper, etc. to make various crafts.

Types of Crafts made by Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is quite popular materials for making a concourse of decorative crafts like greeting cards, carry bags, Art portfolios, Gift boxes, Wallpapers, Pen stands, Tissue boxes, paper holders, File Cover, Diary, Paper bags, Note pads, Envelops, Visiting Cards, Letterheads and many more. These handmade papers can be availed in numerous colors so that one can choose a crafts of his choice.
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