Friday, March 20, 2009

Candle Holders – A Combination of Elegance and Utility


Candle as we all know is a piece of wax (in shapes like cylindrical, circular, square etc.) with an embedded wick, used for lighting and sometimes heating purposes. These candles are commonly fixed on a stand for providing them proper balance and to enhance their look. The same stand is known as a Candle Holder.

When people at large started using the candles, especially for decorative purposes. It compelled the manufacturers to create the candle holders. As is said that, necessity is the mother of invention, so is the case with candle holders. They were invented when their need arise. The candle holders have really come a long way. Today's holders are much advanced in respect of design, utility, elegance and color, than the earlier one. Candle holders not only serves as a stand for the candle but they enhances its beauty, due to the various designs and shapes in which they are made. For this characteristic of theirs, they are sometimes remarked as, a combination of elegance and utility.

Candle holders are made out of various materials. Traditionally, they were aesthetically designed, by skilled artisans. Now a days, with the advancement of technology and automation in various industries, these holders are also started to be made mechanically. The advanced machines work with precision, to make numerous designs of candle holders, out of the metal, stone etc. from which they are fabricated. The commonly used materials for the manufacturing of candle holders include iron, brass, bronze, aluminum, pewter, stainless steel, marble, wood and many other.

There are not only many designs in which and many materials from which the candle holders are created, but they are also created in a wide range. There are numerous types of candle holders available in the market now a days. The most common types are as mentioned below:

  • Antique: These candle holders are unique in appearance and decor. These holders are praised for the historical theme, on which they are made.
  • Christmas: These holders, as the name suggest are made specially for the Christmas festival. They serve the purpose of Christmas and after that can be used for decoration.
  • Candelabra: This variety of candle holders have two or more arms for holding candles. Thus multiple candles can be arranged in them to give a pleasant look.
  • Floating: As the name suggests, these candle holders can float over water. Thus, they are used mainly in ponds, bathtubs, bowls etc. They are really eye-catching.
  • Wall Mounted: Unlike others, these holders can hanged on the wall. They are made in different shapes and sizes and look very attractive.

However, there are many more types of candle holders in use at present. But, it is not feasible to explain each and every one them here. The types given above are the most prevalent one. Although, electricity had replaced candles but still, candles holds an important place in our life. Today also they are used for many purposes like in parties, for decoration, in worshiping and so on. As long as candles are in use, candle holders being complementary to them, will surely remain in demand. So, the future of candle holders is quite secure.

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