Sunday, March 29, 2009

Color Trends for Summer 2009!


Summers are here and the sun is set to work without rest! In summers, heat and high humidity levels make our body to produce more sweat in order to cool off. And therefore, we all know what summer fabrics should be- breathable, lightweight, and light-colored! Skin has to be literally pampered so it's wise to stay away from chemically dyed fabrics and wear more herbal textile that use natural dyes to produce fantastic colors. And if these colors are chosen according to the current color trends, what's better then that?

Say Bye to Metallic Colors!
If we believe the predictions made for Spring-Summer 2009 the trend seems to be moving away from metallic colors towards more earthy and subdued color palette.

Color Trend for Classic Looks
The classical color palette holds vivid and saturated colors that bring with them cool breezes of beach side – blues and the sandy hues. Deep sea blue, aqua sky or midnight sky, dark, medium or light brown, sand color - all will give that classical touch to your clothes.

Color Trend for Stylish and Trendy Looks
The Chic color palette holds the nature inspired hues. They represent simplicity with style including the Earthy colors heavily on the side of brown but more than just brown. Go for any color inspired by mother nature- morning grass green, subdued orange, violet or golden yellow!

Color Trend for Casual Looks
The Casual color palette makes a move from nature based colors to city life inspired colors- glassy blues, unnatural pinks and street light yellows.

Color Of the Year 2009!
Now hold your breath to know the top color of year 2009! It's none other than the Superb yellow! Match it with black, brown, plum or blue and get as bright as you can!
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