Thursday, March 5, 2009

Concept of Craft Village


Since ancient times, India is globally famous as a land of art and craft. All variety of major handicrafts are being made here, such as textile, jewelry, wooden or metal handicrafts, etc. Craft village is the concept of modern day to express intricately created Indian art and crafts. This secures the presence of crafts and artisans at one place. Different handicrafts are exposed to everyone. Craft items are exhibited as well as sold here. The concept of Crafts Village has become successful in encouraging the rural craftsmen and performers in a big way.

Craft Village is made with numerous big and small stalls . These stalls are fabricated in the form of huts to create the atmosphere of a Indian village. Every single thing in a village craft, be it food outlets, dishes, utensils used there, has been created by keeping in mind the rural design and style. Among the numerous craft villages in India, some noteworthy among them are mentioned below :

Dilli Haat, Delhi
TheDilli Haat Food and Craft Bazaar is a joint project of Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). Dilli Haat is built on six acres o
f land, located in South Delhi on Sri Aurobindo Marg facing the INA market. The concept of Dilli Haat is taken from the traditional village fairs from various parts of India. The whole project of Dilli Haat was conceived with a view to provide an impetus to the village artisans and craftsmen. They come face to face with the buyers not only from India but also from other parts of the world. Dilli Haat is so colorful and rich in experience, that many a tourist has returned to visit it again and again. It is more than a celebration of crafts.

Shilpgram, Udaipur
The literal meaning of Shilpgram is 'craftsmen's village'. Nestled in the lap of rugged Aravalli's, Shilpgram is just 3 kilometers away from Udaipur. The installed huts there gives an enchanting looks of the exotic crafts of Rajasthan including pottery, terracotta work, idols of gods and goddesses, traditional musical instruments, woodwork and even furniture.

Surajkund Mela, Faridabad
The Surajkund Crafts is an annual event that encourages some of the finest hand loom and handicraft traditions of the country. This Mela began in 1981 to promote handicraft and hand loom industry. From 1st to 15th February rural India basks in the warmth of admiration at Surajkund mela village that lies some 8 km from South Delhi. This colorful mela represents the various shades of Indian art and crafts including inlay work, rose wood carving, sandal wood from Punjab and South India, Chiki wood craft of Kashmir. The phulkari of Punjab, the Banjara and Banni embroidery of Gujarat and Rajasthan are the masterpiece of craft. Some of the fine paintings of Rajasthan, temple paintings of Orissa, madhubani paintings of Bihar are fascinating products at the mela. Various Crafts products are displayed in the Mela every year.
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