Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fascinating Wooden Handicrafts


Wooden handicrafts is a type of work where hand is used to make useful and decorative devices. Crafts crafted out of wood occupy a significant place in Indian history and culture. Sometimes, simple tools are also used for making handicrafts. Craftsmen practice their craft with great skills to shape the wood into a fascinating piece of art.

Wooden crafts have both cultural and economic importance for any country. These wood items are effective and potential medium to preserve the rich traditional art, heritage & culture, Traditional skills & talents. Skillfully crafted, wood crafts play significant role for economic development in India and provides ample opportunities for employment.

Manufacturing Areas

In India, wooden handicrafts are being manufactured in almost all corners. Yet, some places such as Saharanpur, Nagina, Hoshiarpor, Srinagar, Amritsar, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jagdalpur, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennapatna, Madras, Kerala & Behrampur (WB) are widely known for their intricate carvings, wood-work and designs.

Modern era has seen the popularization of the traditional wood crafts and skills, which are globally popular among the masses. Not only in India, even in other parts of the world, wooden decoratives are taken care of, to flourish. Craftsmen, who experience great joy in the quality of their work need protection to preserve their finest works of art and crafts.

Participation of Foreign Countries

Wood has always been an integral part of mankind. Different techniques have been implemented in wood crafts. Skilled artisans are involved in woodcarving, woodworking, wood burning etc. Thailand being the chief producer of Lacquer ware, which is made of woven bamboo or wood and coated with lacquer along with exquisite designs. Both China and Nepal are famous for their exquisite architecture made up of carved wood. Sri Lanka is famous for its wooden polychrome masks while India dominates in the wide range of woodcraft items.

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