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Beachwear For Fashion Conscious Men


Although fashion is synonymous to women, men too have shown that they are no less fashion conscious. Designers constantly present various clothing lines to match the desires of men of all ages. One of the mens clothing segments- mens beach wear- is the hottest among the list of mens fashion clothing. Through beachwear, men try to wear what all they can't wear anywhere else. Lets analyze what kinds of beachwear are there for men and how they are comfortable, relaxing, fashionable, and trendy- all at the same time.

Men's Shorts

Men's shorts, available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors and fabrics are the topmost favorites of all men. They are relaxing and comfortable beachwear to match the soothing environment of beach. They come with wearing options having full elastic waist or drawstring or both. The popular styles of mens shorts include

Bermuda shorts
: They are knee-length shorts for casual style generally having pockets and waist loops for an optional belt.

Board shorts
: They are loose-fitting shorts with the leg length going down to the knees. Initially designed for the surfers, these shorts are now a popular beachwear for all men. They can be called a combination of shorts and a bathing suit.

Boxer shorts:
They are also called loose boxers or simply boxers. Their popularity rests on a variety of styles and design as also on unhindered leg movement for the wearer. They come in a variety of fabric types and print designs.

Cargo shorts: They are typical khaki shorts with cargo pockets though now they come in other colors too. Similar to cargo pants, but around knee-length, they not only make wearer free and comfortable but give him cool trendy look.
Fabrics that are commonly used for giving fit and style to shorts include cotton, cotton blends, nylon, polyester, cotton silk, Lycra etc.

Swim Trunks
Yet another popular man's beachwear, trunks more or less look like shorts. They cover the mid portion of the body- from the waist to the mid-upper leg and are normally shorter than board shorts. They come in various styles and designs though most of them are made of nylon fabric with a mesh lining making them quick drying so that other than swimming, playing ball or just walking on beach too remain a pleasant activity.

Beach Pants
Beach pants are different from regular pants. They are made ultra comfortable, mostly by using linen in their manufacturing. They can be easily rolled up due to their wide straight legs and the casual regular fittings. They mostly come with elastic waist just like beach shorts and trunks which makes them easy to wear.

Beach Shirts
These shirts are specially designed for beach using some comfortable fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, cotton silk, polyester, Lycra, twill, etc. They are mostly liked with half sleeves and come in both plain and exotic prints. They go well with a pair of Capri, pants, jeans or beach shorts for making beach experience a pleasant one. Bright colors and unusual prints like floral, geometrical, flora and fauna especially palm tree give them distinguished look.
Apart from all the above men's beachwear, swim briefs, popularly known as Speedo are also very popular among men.
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