Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Not Choose Elegant Handicraft Furniture for Your House?


Handicraft items are all time favorites. They have not lost their charm even today. Handicraft is one of the many specialties of India. It is some times called the Traditional Indian Art. The traditional handicraft items included decoration items, incense stick stands, baskets, carpets, flower pots and so. But, the contemporary handicraft items are much ahead the traditional ones. Furniture is one of the most exquisite handicraft item, in the modern context.

Besides being environmental friendly and economical, the handcrafted furniture is very elegant and durable in nature. The handicraft furniture items not only adorn the interiors of the home but can also be used for beautifying the garden. They are a perfect combination of utility and style. Some of the prevalent types of handicraft furniture that are widely used nowadays are:

(1) Almirah: Wooden almirah is an exquisite handicraft furniture. It is used in most of the households nowadays. Single or double door, shelves, carvings, jaali work, etc. are some of the common features of a wooden handcrafted almirah. The most common types of handcrafted almirah include antique, traditional and wood carved.

(2) Bookshelf: Those who possess the hobby of reading, most of the times have a collection of good books. Bookshelf is an ideal handicraft furniture item for such people. They not only occupy less space but accommodate your books in an organized and safe manner.

(3) Carved Doors: Doors are fixed at the entrance of a hall, room, house or building. They are used for entering and exiting an enclosed space. It is the door which puts the first impression on any person visiting your home. The handcrafted doors are so nicely carved and decorated by skilled artisans that they put a lasting impression on your guests.

(4) Screen/Partition: It is a movable or immovable furniture item used for the purpose of temporarily dividing a room or hiding an area of it. These are primarily used in big halls in home or in commercial offices. They are elegant pieces of handicraft furniture which are generally made of wood or wrought iron.

(5) Table: Tables are widely used in homes and offices. But, handcrafted tables are not like ordinary tables. They have intricate carvings and designs on them. They are also made of marble and other stones. Table is an important handicraft furniture. Its primary types include beside, drawing, dining room, sofa, billiards, chess and tripod tables.

The handicraft furniture items mentioned above are not the only furniture items, there are a lot more. But, the above items were just to give you a brief idea about what handicraft furniture exactly means and includes. If you want detailed knowledge about the various types of handicraft furniture and other contemporary handicraft articles, the right place for you is the Tribal Art and Furniture Marketplace.
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