Monday, May 18, 2009

Valuable and Aesthetic Antique Crafts


The word antique by a very basic definition means a handiwork like furniture, coin, painting, map, jewelry, weapon, etc. which belongs to an ancient period (often 100 years past) and is valuable. These products are known for their exquisite and aesthetic appearance, and are admired the world over. Owing to the increasing demand of antique crafts in the global market, the manufacturers have nowadays started to reproduce these craft items. There is a multitude of art and craft products

covered under the range of these ancient products. The same are divided into several categories and mentioned below:

1) Antique Furniture: This category includes the antique furniture items like bed, chair, table, and so. There is also further categorization in this category like wooden furniture, marble furniture, wrought iron furniture, oak furniture, etc. All these furniture items are the perfect illustrations of the polished ancient art, irrespective of the material of which they are made.

2) Antique Jewelry: In this category comes the jewelry items which are 75 to 100 years old and, as we have earlier also stated, the reproduced jewelry which is a reconstructed form of the antique jewelry. These ornaments include rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, anklets, pendants, brooches, etc. The precious metals in which these adornments are usually available include gold, silver, and platinum.

3) Antique Collectibles: Collectibles refer to the items like stamps, coins, books, paintings, clocks, maps, musical instruments, beads, lighters, postcards, dresses, and so as. They are called collectibles because some people usually collect these items as their hobby. The items as old as 75 years generally constitute the antique collectibles.

4) Antique Lighting: Lighting comprises of items like chandelier, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and hanging lights. Being antique, these are not mere utility items, but also an elegant piece of art and interior decor. The different types of lighting items included in this category may date back to the 18th century and reflect the craftsmanship of that time.

5) Antique Kitchenware: This category includes the ancient utensils, cutlery, and cookware which usually belongs to the 18th century. They are both a utility and a decoration item. The common types of products of which this category is composed of are bonechina items, silverware, spoons, porcelain products, and knives.

6) Antique Weaponry: Any kind of weapon which is at least 100 years old is eligible to be included in this category. The ancient weapons reflects the effectiveness of the war policies of various historical empires, to which these weapons belong. Various types of antique weaponry include Armour, breast plates, daggers, helmets, swords, shields, mace, and many more.

7) Antique Hardware: This category includes items like door bolts, door hinges, keyhole covers, latches, locks, and railing among others. These items are in great demand allover the world, hence produced by many manufacturers. These hardware items are often made using materials like brass, wrought iron, and cast iron, in an antique finish.

In addition to the above-mentioned categories, there are few other categories as well. But, those mentioned above are the primary categories. If you really relish valuable and aesthetic ancient artifacts and seeking comprehensive information on various types of antique crafts, included in the above categories and even more, you should visit Antique Crafts Marketplace.

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