Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wooden Toys – Rising Back to Glory


In this fast paced moving world, almost every person seems to be in a sense of nostalgia. They long for those ideal times of childhood when there was almost nothing to worry about. The television shows of today also are not the ones that were aired earlier. Nor can one relate to things that were their close to their soul, once. One such belonging that everyone cherishes even till they grow ripe are the toys! Earlier only wooden toys were available for playing. Made from wood every detail was taken care of. However, those days seems to have gone past. Look around and you will hardly find children indulged playing with wooden toys anymore!

But thanks to the recent trend of antiquity and environmental concerns that most of these art is being revived. As plastic was cheaper and easier to maintain, it was replacing wood but the realization of the advantages of wooden toys and finally changed the scenario. Today, people are aware that wooden toys are not only non toxic toys and environmental friendly but are pollution free and also help a lot in developing a child's growth much more as when compared to an ordinary plastic toy. They also have the advantage of being more durable and thus can be passed from one generation to the other. The presence of a large variety from toy trains, puzzle blocks, to rocking horses, also adds to the popularity of these wooden toys.

Today, the toys made from wood are making a comeback and for many good reasons. Their asset includes low cost and energy for maintenance. One only needs a wet cloth or tissue to clean them. As they are non toxic, the cost of paint can be checked. These toys can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes without much hassle. Also toys like wooden furniture, houses for dolls and kitchen sets can increase the imagination and develop a child's mind to a great extent.

Another advantage of wooden toys over plastic toys is that most of the plastic toys use battery to work. Exposing a small child to the hazards of battery is not the most ideal thing to do. It not only bars their thinking capacity, but they are also subject to a major risk of leaking. Plastic toys are also easily breakable. Develop in your child the habit of collecting toy and trust me, they wont look forward to gather anything other than wooden toys.
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