Thursday, May 20, 2010

Traditional Indian Handicraft Items


Handicraft items are inherently related with India as they had originated from India. The Indian Handicraft Items are not only liked and demanded in India, but the world over. These traditional Indian handicrafts possess a unique charm and appeal that attracts everybody towards them. Though simple they are, it's not a limiting factor, but a contributing factor in increasing their demand.

Handicrafts can be said enchanting items made from ordinary or sometimes waste material. The list of the materials that are used for making handicrafts is virtually endless. The raw materials that are often used for making handicrafts in India include paper, glass, coconut, seashell, cloth, cotton, plastic, leather, jute, wood, iron, bronze, copper, to name a few.

Handicraft items, especially traditional Indian handicraft items, can be broadly classified into two main categories, viz., handicrafts for the purpose of decoration, and utility handicraft items. The former category includes items like wall hangings, paintings, chandeliers, decorative stands, statues, iron screens, carpets, etc., while the latter category includes handicrafts like flower vases, lamps, table clocks, diaries, fireplace tools, furniture, bags, baskets, bedsheets, lanterns, serving trays, jewelry, and many more.

Have a look at some magnificent Indian Handicrafts:

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