Sunday, June 13, 2010

Framing Memories With Brass Picture Frames


Brass frames are very popular as mirror frames and picture frames. The main reason behind the popularity of brass frames is that they are extremely light weight. They can be polished and transformed into designs that vary in their styles ranging from a rustic look to an antique look, from a modern, classic to a funky look. Some of the common styles and designs are as elaborated below:

Antique Brass Picture Frame

Antique picture frames were often crafted in heavy and bulky metals and also the designs. While the designs were trademark of the era they were crafted in, metals were the only possible variation is the metal. Antique brass picture frames varied in the styles. Engraved frames, intricate carvings and ornate decorations were some of the popular styles in the antique frames. Simple designs are a rarity in vintage picture frames.

Decorative Picture Frame
Decorative framings are also preferred when the choice is for a special memories and highly decorative frames. Often bought for gifting purposes, they may be decorated with either pseudo jewels, semi-precious gemstones, intricate engravings of symbols or the ethnic patterns, colorful paints, etc.

Personalized Picture Frame
Personalized frames are usually made or order, customized according to the personal needs. For example, an antique looking picture frame, or a wooden one with special text on it, modern and lighter version with personalized messages, floral decorations for round picture frames or any other feature can be added by personalizing a basic frame.

A brass picture frame adds elegance to any photograph and at the same time is light and easily portable. Its flexibility to be easily molded into desired shape, designs and ability to be engraved allow it to be produced in a variety of styles. All these styles provide for enough variety and choice for framing some precious moments.
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