Friday, August 20, 2010

Handmade Wooden Photo Frame


Wood photo frames are beautiful encasements for encasing your some of the most prised and cherished moments. Besides being a protective layering for your favorite photographs, wood photo frames also serve as beautiful home decor items. Being able to blend with all kinds of interiors of furniture, these frames are indeed a must-have item for every household. Though a nice and elaborate wooden picture frame at times can cost an earth hence, the other alternative available is to design and create a frame on your own. Apart from being pocket friendly, a handmade photo frame would a lot more special than the regular run-of-the-mill frames.
Presenting here is a step by step procedure to make a wooden photo frame at home. Check it out:

Step 1
The very first thing to do is to select your favorite wood form. Pick up the wood whose grain you find the best as in, the one which attracts you the most. Pine, oak, mahogany etc. can be some of the options to pick from. Make sure that the wood you choose, is enough for covering each side of the photograph to be framed with an extra inch of length.

Step 2
The next step is to cut out four different pieces of wood precisely at 45 degrees so as to fit them appropriately in a square or as per the size of the picture to be framed. Each of this wood piece is supposed to have 45 degrees of cuts going outwards. The joints can be secured using finishing nails or staples.

Step 3

Now, to add life to the frame, paint it using stain or the paint which matches well with your house interiors. Paints and stains are quite easily available at any of the regular hardware shop, that too at quite an inexpensive price.

Step 4
Finally, for placing the picture within the frame, first add a sheet of transparent plastic on the back of the frame. Paste it well with a strong adhesive. Once it has dried out completely, add the picture over it and a mat board onto it thereafter. Secure the mat board backing with nails so that the picture is well framed and protected in between the transparent sheet and mat board.

Step 5
Now screw in two metal rings on either side of the frame and run a thin rope string through it to hang the frame on the wall.

You are all set with a handmade wooden picture frame for gifting or using it at your own home.

To get detailed information about reclaimed wooden picture frames, click here.
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