Friday, August 27, 2010

Making a Bamboo Picture Frame


A handmade article is always a bit special than the regular run-of-the-mill products. There is nothing more special than a handcrafted gift to your loved ones. Crafty photo frames are a great option to present as gifts to your near and dear ones. Here is a step by step procedure to make a bamboo picture frames at home. Check out how:

Step 1
First of all, zero onto the size of the picture frame. Using a measuring tape and saw, cut the bamboo sticks into desired length. Make sure the cuts on the edges are at a certain angle so that they carry a distinct appearance. Inter crossing the bamboo sticks simply at corners can be a great designing option.

Step 2
Next, chalk out the desired size of photo frame on a clean plastic sheet or acrylic glass. The size has to be few inches more than the size of picture to be inserted within.

Step 3
Apply a reasonable amount of glue on the areas excluding the photograph and lay down the bamboo sticks in the desired fashion to create a design for bamboo photo frame. Leave it for drying thereafter.

Step 4
Now, cut a sturdy piece of cardboard for giving base or supporting the picture frame from backside. Make sure you chop off the center part so as to let the picture be showcased from there. Basically, you will be having a hollow piece of cardboard to be placed on the back of the picture frame.

Step 5
If you need a hanging frame then stick a piece of ribbon in loop form on the back of it or else put few inches long bamboo pieces on either sides of the frame to make a wonderful table top. Ribbon loop or bamboo piece, make sure that you let it dry perfectly before using it.

Step 6
Lastly, add your favorite picture into the frame and gift it or place it on your bedside table or over the wall as a personalized picture frame.

To know more about bamboo picture frames , click here.
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