Friday, August 13, 2010

Making a Jeweled Photo Frame


People of all age groups love to do the small little crafty things. Creating something innovative out of useless pieces from trash is indeed fun every time. One of these best-out-of-waste products can be a photo frame created out of an assortment of waste material. In fact, making jeweled picture frame can be a perfect personalized gift, so as to present it to your loved ones on special occasions. Here's a step by step procedure to make a jeweled photo frame using faux jewels and old discarded picture frames.Check out how:

Material Needed

-Faux jewels, rhinestones, crystals etc.
-Small acrylic paint bottle
-Paint brushes
-Frame base (wooden or glass)
-Wet washcloth
-Craft glue

Step 1
First of all, following the golden rule, cover the working area with a newspaper. Now, detach the glass from the wooden frame and keep it aside. Then hold the frame steady and paint it using a medium sized paint brush. Make sure you paint it in the wood lines direction.

Step 2
Once the first coat has dried, paint the inside edges and the remaining portions and corners using a smaller brush and let it dry.

Step 3
Now, after the entire frame is painted evenly and dried as well, arrange the faux jewels, rhinestones and whatever jewels etc. you want to display on the frame in the desired pattern.

Step 4
Next, pick up each jewel and stick onto its appropriate place one by one. Thereby, completing the design on the frame. Let it dry.

Step 5
Lastly, add a ribbon loop at the back of the frame to facilitate hanging.

You are ready with a jeweled photo frame to use it as a table top or to gift it to your loved ones.

For exquisite jewel photo frame designs click here.
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