Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Frame Care Tips


Picture frames need care and proper maintenance for enduring a decent period of shelf life. One has to be careful enough with them to enhance their life period and maintain its durability for a relatively longer period of time. Mentioned here are the two key tips which can help you in the proper maintenance of your favorite frames. Check them out:

Cleanliness is Important
Just like other things, cleanliness is extremely important for photo frames too. One needs to do proper dusting and keep them absolutely spic and span in order to maintain its agility. The picture should be removed first while cleaning them. For metal ones like gold, aluminum or silver photo frames, one can try a damp towel to clean them. It is the best suited option for metal ones as it cleans the encasing without letting the frames loose its color and sheen. Make sure you use an A-grade silver cleaner as per the given instructions to clean the sterling silver and pewter picture frames. Test it before on a smaller section if it works well, go ahead, if not, well you are saved from ruining the entire piece. Regular cleaning elongates its life at the same time maintaining its attractiveness. Thus, a two minute job of wiping frames with a soft cloth daily can reap you quite a few years benefit.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Direct sunlight is probably the most harmful things of all for picture frames. The UV rays emitting out of sunlight tarnish the original color and shine of ornate pieces. Thus, it should be tried not to put them or around the area which is prone to direct sunlight. Safeguard your photo frames from the UV rays by using a UV coating on acrylic or glass picture frames.

These two tips if followed regularly, can render the needed maintenance to your favorite decorative frame.

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