Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Gothic Metal Bead Jewelry


Metal bead jewelry is quite in trend these days. The grunge Gothic look of these metal bead jewelry are counted amongst the highly fashionable accessories. The same metal bead jewelry becomes all the more special if it is handcrafted yourself. Here is a step by step procedure to make a metal bead jewelry at home. Such handcrafted jewelry can be perfect for gifting purposes or for making a fashion statement too. Check it out:

Materials Needed

Beading wire (.018 gauge)
Closure clasp
2 crimp beads
Glass beads
Needle-nosed pliers
Wire cutters


Step 1
First of all decide the length of the necklace and add at least two inches more to it. The extra margin in the string is taken to provide a comfortable tying.

Step 2
Cut the same length of wire as decided and measured in step one.

Step 3
Now, put a crimp bead into the wire from one end.

Step 4
Now as for the closure clasp, thread the wire within the loop of one half of the closure clasp. Any of the two halves can be used as it does not matter much.

Step 5
The next thing one need to do, is to pass the wire through the crimp bead and pull the wire tautly to secure the bead in between.

Step 6
Now with the help of needle-nosed pliers, chuck off any kind of excess wire sprouting out of the crimped crimp bead.

Step 7
Think of a nice layout to arrange the beads and start putting in the glass beads and the metal beads in the string forming the desired pattern.

Step 8
Keep on adding the beads until the wire is filled with it. Once done, add the second crimp bead onto the wire and as done earlier, thread the wire through the loop of the other half of closure clasp and repeat the 5th and 6th step accordingly. You are ready with a metal bead necklace.

For information and designs about metal beads, click here.
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