Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marble Photo Frames: Timeless Gift Items


Photo Frames made up of marble have been a timeless piece of gift item since time immemorial. The marble stone being a sign of luxury and royalty, makes the hand crafted photo frames all the more a luxurious home decor item. Gifting one of these exquisite marble picture frames on any special occasion to your loved ones can be a really thoughtful gesture.

Earlier marble photo frames were available only at some specific marble industry regions but today, these photo frames are easily available in all standard gift shops or home decor stores. Like other picture frames, marble ones too can be found in several designs and patterns like single frames in portrait or landscape form, double fold frames, multiple picture holders etc.

The latest innovation in marble photo frames is the amalgamation of digital aspects in the regular frames. These digital photo frames generally have carved marble frames with pictures moving digitally within the frame. The combination of traditional craft with latest technology makes it a wonderful gift choice. Place it as a table top or a wall decor article and it is sure to catch the eyeballs of all. The engraved floral designs and motifs on these marble crafts are such elegant example of craftsmanship that one cannot help appreciating it.

Another reason for the popularity of these photo frames is that marble being a sturdy raw material, ensures durability and longevity of the picture frame. Besides, the soothing and graceful white shade of marble enhances the beauty of these picture frames all the more. Thus, be it an anniversary, birthday, christmas or valentine's, just gift one of these exquisitely crafted marble picture frame with a picture of a special moment shared to your loved ones and see the million dollar smile on the face of that person. This gift would indeed be long cherished!

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