Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Marble Floor Medallion


Marble mosaic medallions are beautiful add ons that can add oodles of interest to the floor. Marble medallions can be made in a number of styles and patterns. For instance, medallions can be used to create geometric designs, pictures etc. on floor. Mentioned below is the procedure of making a marble tile mosaic or a marble floor medallion.

Materials Needed

* Mosaic tiles
* Floor
* Tile Adhesive
* Design

Planning the Design
First of all design a mural that you are planning to create. This is done even before one starts building marble tile mosaic. Mosaics can be put to limitless number of different designs and patterns. So just play around with it and try and bring out the best out of it. The tiny marble tiles can be trimmed into different shapes to make wonderful designs. Measure the floor size and plan the design on a piece of paper. Graph paper or grid paper can be used for keeping the design in proportion. Colored pencils on the other hand can help in differentiating the areas and thus can help in bringing the entire look of the floor.

Marking the Floor

Once you are done with the design of the stone medallion on paper, plot it out on the floor using chalk. Mark the basic design on floor to have a rough idea of how things would move further.

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