Friday, February 18, 2011

Making Stone or Ceramic Coasters


Making drink coasters all by yourself can be real fun. One can easily make custom drink coasters and safeguard the table tops or other furniture items of the uninvited glass rings and spills. These can in fact be, a wonderful inexpensive gift option for your loved ones. Mentioned under is the step by step procedure of making a stone or ceramic beverage coasters. Read on to know how to make coasters.

Materials Needed

* 8 nos 4" x 4" stone or Ceramic Tiles
* 2 nos 12" x 12" peel and stick lamenate flooring tiles
* Measuring Tape or Ruler
* Straight Edge
* Pencil
* Razor Knife


Step 1
Using the razor knife and straight edge, cut the peel and stick tiles into four squares, sized 3" x 3".

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