Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marble Vases : Caring Tips


Marble vases can be great accents for decorating any kind of interiors. Marble stone has been the choicest pick of artists and nobles. It is specifically preferred for vases because after a classic and skillful polish, the stone starts glistening beautifully. Though maintaining the marble vases can be for a long term use can be a little tricky. Mentioned under are some of the pointers that can prove helpful in caring for your favorite marble vases. Check out the marble vase care tips:

-The foremost thing to remember with marble vases is that they should not be washed with wrong chemicals. It is so because, marble being a base in an acid base relationship, it looses its sheen when comes in contact with an acid. Thus, it is better to avoid all purpose cleaners on marble stone as it can render a permanent stain on the marble surface.

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