Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reverse Glass Paintings: Essentials To Know


Reverse glass painting is a popular art form all around the world. Quite unlike a canvas painting, the reverse glass painting technique requires an artist to paint from back-to-front i.e. in reverse order. In simpler terms, the difference is that canvas painting is painted on the same side which ultimately would be viewed by people while, in a reverse glass painting, the side which is painted becomes the rear side while the other side is viewed as the final artwork.
As it is evident from the concept itself, reverse glass painting is not only very different from simple canvas paintings but also very difficult and tricky to do too. Reverse glass painting artists skilfully develop masterpieces out of this particular art form. Mentioned under is the reverse glass painting tips and tutorial that can help the beginners to create their personal reverse glass painting. Get to know the essentials here:

-A reverse painting would start with creating a subject on one side of the glass. One has to be extremely careful while doing this as each and everything which would be drawn on the glass would be a mirror image of the actual subject. Hence, one has to be extremely careful with the detailing of the subject and its portrayal.

-The glass should be absolutely scratch free and flawless or else the painted subject wont come clear onto it. Also, try to choose a clean and dust free surrounding while working on the glass painting.

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-Make sure you work in a systematic way while painting a reverse glass patterns as glass is a non-absorbent base material thus, it would take longer for the paints to dry. Besides, it is a tricky task to create mirror images on the glass hence, one would need a lot of patience and concentration while creating glass painting designs.

-Use durable and fine quality brushes for painting. This would ensure a smooth and even stroke each time you paint.

-Glass being a delicate object, make sure you keep it safe, intact and far off from the reach of kids and pets. The painting has to be handled carefully both, before and after it is completed.

-It is wise to buy a glass painting kit rather than going for individual items like semi transparent paints, brushes, liner etc. A glass painting kit is an assortment of all the things that you would be needing for creating a glass painting.

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