Monday, May 30, 2011

Transforming withered wood piece to a beautiful picture frame


The wooden picture frames give an earthy appeal. The naturalist beauty of the wood made the picture frames more lively and fresh. The picture or photograph treasured in wood picture frames look more realistic. We all buy wooden picture frames but hardly know which type of wood is being used to make such breath taking frames.
There are two types of wood used for making picture frames : hardwood and softwood. The hardness or the softness of the wood is define by the density and hardness of the outer cell. The hardwood often resists scratches whereas, the softwood can be easily scratched and leave marks with your fingernail. Now talking of woods, let me clear the air. Oak tree, walnut, maple tree is hardwood whereas, pine, cedar and redwood trees are softwood. The walnut and redwoods are commonly used for making picture frames due to the natural colored shine finishing.

Now that we know the type of woods, let me move onto some fantastic picture frame making ideas for summer holidays with your children. Heard of rustic wood picture frames? If not then let me tell you, those are the frames made from withered or discarded wood pieces. Frames from withered wood pieces! This may sound weird but I must admit that it is an amazing idea struck my mind after I saw the fantastic art in a summer workshop.

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