Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jute Fibre Handicrafts


Jute handicrafts are perfect products for home decoration. Every piece represent excellence and skill of the artisan who transform naturally occurring jute into beautiful crafts. Widely considered as the most durable and inexpensive handicrafts, these items carry high aesthetic value.

About Jute Fibres

Jute is also known as golden fibre. It is a natural occurring fibre with golden and silky shine. Procured from the skin of plant's stem, it is the second most important vegetable fibre in terms of usage, production, availability and global consumption. Jute is the cheapest and most sought after material for handicrafts because of its low extensibility, high tensile strength and better breathe ability. Jute handicrafts are ideal for home and office decoration.

Jute Articles

The wide variety of jute handicrafts includes Jute Wall Hangings, Jute Coasters, Jute Table Mats, Jute Hammocks, Jute Lamp Shades, Jute Stationery, Jute Napkin Rings, Jute Jewelry Items, Jute Mats and many other articles. These pieces reflects an aesthetic appeal and traditional craft skills that has helped them to carve a niche all over the world.

Jute handicrafts are especially practiced in rural areas. Because of bio-degradable and renewable nature of jute, they are highly demanding across the world. In addition to this, jute is considered as golden fibre which is the cheapest as well as most qualitative among all natural fibres.

Popularity of Jute Handicrafts

Jute handicrafts is gaining immense popularity day-by-day into many domains of aesthetic activity. A large variety of handicraft items are being carved out of jute. The array includes wall painting, doll, table lamp, toys, gift items and other magnificent decorative pieces. Each piece of jute handicrafts are combined with beautiful embroidery to enhance the entire look. They are perfect for decorating any place as they impart a modern feeling to any interior be it a home, office or hotel.

West Bengal is the largest jute producing state in India. Bihar and Assam are on the 2nd and 3rd position for manufacturing jute handicrafts. Representing the true essence of Indian craftsmanship, jute hand-crafted items has many advantages over synthetics due to recyclable nature of it.

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