Monday, December 7, 2009

Beaded Jewellery Trends- 2010


For all the fashion conscious women who are eagerly waiting for trends declaration- here is a good news. Yes you can now know what will be the jewelery trends for the year 2010! All said and done, skyrocketing prices of gold and effects of recession (though slowing down gradually) will make beaded jewelery the most popular style statement of 2010. Here are some pointers for you to note down about the trends of beads jewellery in 2010!
  • In 2009, ethnic jewelery was popular. African beads, seed beads were liked by the people. In 2010, although the fashion trends will be international in flavor (that means, designs will be more or less similar all over), the cultural mark will be there. Native materials and locally found beads will be used extensively for jewelery making.
  • People will search for individual fashion and style statement. Therefore, custom made beaded jewelery will remain popular. A search for meaning will result in creation of pieces that have greater symbolism. One and all jewelery pieces will tell a story – unique to its creator and wearer. Thus, 2010 is also a year of  symbolic jewelery.
  • Hand made jewelery will continue to be hugely popular among masses. People will express their creativity by wearing own hand crafted beaded jewelery- necklaces, pendants, rings, bands- whatever they can make. Brides too will like to be DIY kinds. They will definitely wear bright, bold statement wedding jewelery but they don’t have to be expensive. Bright colored beaded necklaces will be preferred over pearls or diamonds.
  • Small, light bracelets; subtle beautifully beaded pendant; dangling earrings with glass beads or a central focus piece will become immensely popular. All will be in symmetry with clothing fashion trends.
  • As far as colors are concerened, cold colored beads will be more popular in 2010. Blacks, whites, blues and grays will be extensively used. If color forecasts of Pantone are to be believed then, Violet (Soft purple) and Aurora (other name for yellow) will lead the way in Spring/Summer 2010.
If you too are excited enough about beaded jewelery then why wait till new year? Make some for Christmas itself- for yourself and for gifts! Get some clues for making beaded jewelery. Read Beaded Jewellery for Christmas Gift- Tips for Buying Beads

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