Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tips on Storing Beads and Beading Accessories


Beads are great to make beautiful jewelery and crafts. However, they are a little messy when it comes to work with the beads. You have to be extra careful about not spilling them. Moreover, you need to store them rightly otherwise you might not get your stash when needed the most. Here are certain tips for storing your tiny as well as large beads securely to find the right bead when you want to finish the exclusive piece of that beaded bracelet or the earring!
Vials- vials or very small containers are available in the market and through online shopping. They are perfectly right for storing your seed beads. These vials mostly come in handy bead case having a nice snap closure that keeps your vials secured inside. The vials have top for easy viewing so that you open just the right container and not the others and save the risk of spilling them.

Bead Cases- There are different varieties of bead cases with novel features for keeping your bead treasure secured. Some of these cases have slots for storing bead. Some other bead boxes have acid-free tacky surface on top and bottom areas. Beads can be easily placed on these surfaces and they don't slip from there. Needles are then used to pick up beads from the surface. Some of them even have magnets to hold the needles. It makes them perfect for travel or for using at home.

Bead Organizers- There comes these bead organizer cases that are made with the purpose of easily carrying beads. These are in fact collections of boxes of various sizes. The large box or the beads organizer has some medium sized, small and mini boxes to store beads of different sizes. They also have bead scoops and tweezers in them to make the bead artists' work simpler.

Bead Storage Drawers- Clear drawers are also very good for storing beads. They can be used individually for one type of beads or the beads and other accessories can be stacked in them. The drawers pull out for easy access to needles, beads, tweezers or other small items.

Plastic Tubes- Plastic tubes are good for storing seed beads. Bead stores mostly sell smaller seed beads and cylinder beads in plastic tubes only. They can even be used for storing smaller gemstone and glass beads. However, the tops should remain firmly closed while traveling or storing beads.

Plastic Bags- The strands of larger beads like those of gemstone or glass beads and even animal beads can be easily stored in plastic bags. However, loose beads that are small in size should be avoided to be kept in bags as they can spill over when trying to take them out.

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