Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glass Vase Picture Frames


Glass vase picture frames happen to be the latest innovation in glass photo frames industry. Its an innovative way of displaying the picture in combination with flowers towards the top. Most of the glass photo frame manufacturers and suppliers these days are pitching in the customers through this unique product.

Glass vase photo frames serve the dual purpose of being a picture frame and a flower vase at one go. Besides, it has an added dimension of being an attractive centerpiece. These make lovely home decor items and thus, can be perfect wedding gifts. In fact, these also make a great gift option for bridal party attendants. Give away the glass vase picture frames as a farewell gift to the party attendees and see them delighted to receive these frames as gifts.

All kinds of interior can be accentuated with the use of these vase frames. They are often available in cuboid shape as the picture fits in perfectly within the square space and the hollow cuboid box allows the placement of flowers quite well. The glass cube generally measures 4" by 4" by 4 inches and the picture frame allows a picture sized 1.5" x 2" to set within. Though the sizes and shapes can obviously vary with the difference in makers and manufacturers. In fact, custom sized glass vase can also be sourced from any of the leading glass picture frame manufacturers and suppliers.

An added feature to these glass vase frames is that these frames can be engraved with custom message or note to add a personal touch to it. Crafted in combination of glass and metal, the engraved message can easily be carried onto the metal part to make it all the more unique and personalized.

One can buy the glass vase photo frames from various online shopping sites. For example, the gifts site- engraved gift creations, offers these frames at reasonable prices.

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