Monday, August 16, 2010

Suzani Embroidered Photo Frame: Product Review


Embroidered Picture Frames are admired and favored the most for the finesse of hand embroidery. The beautiful designs crafted by skilled hands are a treat to watch and to possess as well. This is probably the main reason for the popularity of embroidered picture frames all over the world.

All the leading home decor or home furnishing stores make it a point to keep ample amount of options in hand crafted furnishings so as to lure the art lovers. Embroidered photo frame is one such product which is sought by a number of people, given the finesse and beauty of such hand crafted picture frames.

Suzani, a leading home furnishing brand has come forward with an assortment of embroidered photo frames to add a dash of elegance and beauty within the ordinary interiors of a house.

Colors Available
Suzani's embroidered picture frames are available in a combination of three different colors namely forest green, orange and chocolate shade. All the three colors are rich and easy to go with all sorts of interiors. In fact, they are artistically blended with other contrasting shades like brown, white and yellow.

Sizes Available
Suzani embroidered photo frames are available in two sizes viz 5x7 in portrait and 8.5x10.5 in landscape size. Though the sizes may vary from one another but they all are made to frame a 4x6 sized pictures.

The unique selling point or the USP of these frames is that they are hand crafted with utmost finesse and neat embroidery. Given the graceful designs that they carry, they are a must have for every kind of interior.

For more on hand embroidered photo frames applique designs and details click here.
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