Friday, December 17, 2010

Marble Ashtrays for Cigar Lovers


When it comes to gifting something to elderly people, the choice becomes quite restricted to few things. Though, if you analyze the person carefully, you would sure be able to get certain ideas about the perfect gifts that they might not only find useful but also can relate to it completely. Moving on the same lines, ashtrays can be a real nice gift idea for people who smoke cigars and cigarettes. Marble ashtrays specifically can be great gift items. Mentioned below are the characteristics that makes them a coveted gift article :

Marble stone ashtrays are classy table top items. The elegance of marble stone makes them a graceful add on for all kind of interiors. Moreover, marble being a sign of luxury, the ashtrays made of it tend to develop a liking among all.

Ashtrays are useful for obvious reasons. Cigarettes and ashtray go hand in hand, hence, for a person who smokes, ashtrays are indeed an important utility items.

Stone ashtrays are quite durable for the obvious fact that stone in itself is a very sturdy material. A solid stone marble cigar ashtray can remain as it is even after many years of usage. Besides, marble also has an inherent sheen to it which stays as it is, no matter in how rough and tough way it has been used.To add to that, these go perfectly well with marble table tops.

Now-a-days personalized marble ashtrays are also available in the market. People can get the name of the person engraved onto it and turn even the most ordinary ashtray into a special one. Designs or motifs which have special significance can also be instilled on it. Such customized marble ashtrays are fast gaining popularity among people.

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