Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marble Coasters: Useful Tips


Marble coasters can be easily found in households. It has been an article of choice since time immemorial as in the ancient times too, it was used in the royal houses and palaces. Coasters made up of marble not only provide an elegant look to the interior but also end up being a long lasting asset for home. Discussed below are few considerations that you should take care of while buying or using marble coasters on a regular basis.

The very first thing to remember while using marble coasters is that marble as an element is sensitive to all forms of acidic substances. Meaning, liquids like fruit juice, tomato sauce or soda spilled on the marble coaster can end up in the discoloration of coaster. Though most of the marble coasters these days are available with a protective sealant coating onto it, yet it is important to safeguard the marble surface from acidic substances.

Choosing the right set of marble coasters can be a real daunting task. You have to be sure that it goes well with your marble table tops and the other accessories in the house. Moreover the texture of the coaster too plays a vital role in its over all look and feel, for example, tumbled marble coasters have a rugged look which might not work well with certain interiors. Thus, make the right choice while choosing the coasters.

As far as cleaning of coasters is concerned, it is advised not to use the soaps and cleansers available in the market. As such cleansers are acidic in nature, they might affect the texture and color of marble. Hence, the safest way to clean the marble coasters is by wiping them down with a soft cloth piece dipped in warm water. Also, make sure that you never put these coasters in dishwasher as they are bound to get discolored by the acidic wash.

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