Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marble Chess Sets: Where To Order


Marble chess sets have been a favorite among people since ages. Earlier kings and nobles use to play this game with the pieces and board made up of high quality marble. In fact, skilled artisans were hired specially to carve out exquisite pieces of marble chess sets. Today even after so many years, chess sets made up of marble continue to impress people with its charming aura, hence, these chess sets are ordered from all over the world to either play or use it as an interesting decorative item at home.

When it comes to marble chess sets, there are two destinations which are looked upon as the best marble chess set manufacturers, namely, Pakistan and Mexico. These two places are the world leaders in the manufacturing of chess sets made up of marble. Karachi and the near by areas in Pakistan host a well-established marble industry. Besides, there is no dearth of skilled artisans and craftsmen who render exquisite marble pieces each time, be it chess sets or other marble decoratives.

Similarly Puebla in Mexico, is another major marble chess set producer. Quite like Pakistan, here too, the chess sets are made by mixing marble and onyx together. In fact, the sizes and weight of the sets too are similar, for example- the chess sets available in both the countries are available in the general sizes of 8x8, 12x12, or 14x14 and a 14x14 chess set of both the places weighs somewhere around 18 pounds only.

Though, the difference between the two is that marble chess sets of Pakistan are a lot more expensive than the ones made in Mexico. This is because Mexico being nearer to US, the shipping charges are much less than the shipping costs of ones ordered from Pakistan. Besides, the packing of sets made in Pakistan are much more elaborate than Mexico. As Puebla made sets are offered in cardboard boxes, while Karachi made sets are delivered in velvet and satin done cases.

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