Thursday, December 2, 2010

Marble Decoratives : Beauty and Utility Together


Marble decoratives are beautiful art pieces made up of marble that are generally used as decoration articles at home. In fact, most often these artifacts serve one or the other purpose also, besides being just decoratives. Thus, along with enhancing the beauty of the decor, marble decoratives come handy too for various purposes. These are meticulously crafted and polished to provide a smooth finish. the different articles that form perfect decoratives and marble gifts are:

Marble Candle Holders
Marble candle holders are the stands made up of marble for holding candles. These candle holders are exquisitely crafted to carve out wonderful designs so that apart from serving as candle holder they gracefully complement the decor of an interior too.

Marble Photo Frames
Photo frames made up of marble are the sturdy picture frames that elegantly encase the pictures and also act as a beautiful wall decor or table top item. The memories of the long gone moments can be cherished through beautifully crafted photo frames.

Marble Chess Sets
Marble chess sets are perfect gift items for all those who have an obsession for playing this game. Marble chess sets are reliable and unique too. The smooth white and black pieces as pawns, rooks, knights and bishops set on the checkered board render an extremely interesting look if placed in the corner of a living area.

Marble Ashtrays
Marble ashtrays are the pretty center table pieces which either can be put to actual use by dropping cigarette ashes or can be used purely for decoration purpose. These ashtrays generally carry inlaid design patterns onto it.

Marble Coasters
Marble coasters are the coasters made up of marble which are exquisitely crafted by skilled craftsmen. These are perfect for office or any other formal use and are quite durable too.

Marble Jewelry Boxes
Marble jewelry boxes are good to safeguard jewelry pieces. The smooth white finish and carefully crafted designs on these boxes make them all the more alluring for ladies to own them.

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